Established in 1982 in Brooklyn’s Caesar’s Bay Bazaar as a showcase of children’s charms, Jerry Amerosi’s Goldmine Jewelers is now a multi generation family enterprise.

“I got my start in the jewelry business in the early 1980s, when the price of gold had escalated and there was quite literally a rush to buy anything made out of the metal,” Amerosi said. “At the time, a friend of mine was managing a jewelry store, so I trained there, learned about different stones and metals, and studied how to buy and appraise.”

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After these few early years in the business, Amerosi branched out to open his own shop in the flea market known as Caesar’s Bay Bazaar, a category of shopping that, at the time, was hugely popular in New York City’s outer boroughs.

“I set out to provide superior pieces of jewelry to a rapidly growing clientele, and I had a lot of success with that original showcase,” he said. “I owned and managed that location for 10 years before expanding to a freestanding location on Brooklyn’s 18th Avenue.”

At that time, Amerosi added “Gerald Peters” to the Goldmine name, in honor of his sons, Gerald and Peter. Four years later, in 1996, he expanded once again, this time to a prime location in the Staten Island Mall.

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“We went from flea market sales to a downtown Brooklyn location to a freestanding presence in the mall,” Amerosi said. “Establishing a position in that last location was a difficult decision to make, but I did it because I knew we could be easily accessible to my growing group of Staten Island shoppers. I also knew there was a need for a fine jewelry store here, one that would provide exclusive brands and top quality pieces.”

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Today, after nearly three decades of growth, Gerald Peters is prospering in a new location in the mall. The venue, which is triple the size of the original store, is an outlet for a number of high end brands, and serves as the only Official Rolex Jeweler in the borough.

“We changed our location within the mall in 2015 and tripled both the size of our store and our inventory of fine jewelry and watches,” noted Gerald Amerosi Jr., who currently helps run the family business with his father and brother, Peter.

“We feature the largest bridal jewelry selection on Staten Island, but still stay true to the family feel the business has always had since the original Brooklyn showcase location opened,” Peter said.

Included in the move was the introduction of a number of new brands and a change in name, from Goldmine Jewelers to Gerald Peters.

In May 2017, the store was chosen to be an Official Rolex Jeweler. “We opened a Rolex Corner, which is essentially a shop within a shop,” Gerald Amerosi said. “Not only do we enjoy offering such a prestigious brand, we are also extremely proud of that designation; less than one percent of jewelry stores in the world are Official Rolex Jewelers. It’s a very select category,” adding that Gerald Peters not only sells the brand, it also assists in handling maintenance issues for Rolex customers, both past and present.

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“It’s a wonderful luxury for the Staten Island community to be able to buy and care for your Rolex right here in the borough,” Jerry Amerosi said. “There was a void here for many years, and we’re extremely proud that Rolex picked us to fill it.”

Gerald Peters also represents other top brands, including Breitling, TAG Heuer, Tacori, Michele, and Hearts on Fire.

Jerry Amerosi explained that the bulk of his business focuses on fine watches and bridal.
“I’ve been selling jewelry since 1982, so my clients have become my family,” he said. “I’m now selling to third generation shoppers which demonstrates my long history with both Brooklyn and Staten Island customers.”

The Staten Island Mall’s recent expansion has been a boon to the Amerosis’ business. “We have always maintained a positive relationship with this mall and have been received so well by customers here,” Jerry Amerosi said. “But this latest expansion and renovation gave us the confidence to continue our relationship here; the addition of a number of other high end stores complements our own business nicely, and attractions like Dave & Buster’s and the AMC movie theater will only increase foot traffic and retail purchases. We’re getting wonderful reviews from clients, who are happy that Staten Island is expanding in such a positive way, and I’m appreciative that the expansion is encouraging people to shop local.”

In addition to luxury pieces and high end watches, Gerald Peters also carries a range of everyday jewelry at a number of different price points.

“We do have a lot of luxury items here, but we’re still a family jeweler, and we offer nameplates, pendants, bracelets, and rings for under $100,” Jerry Amerosi said.

The main change he’s witnessed during his more than three decades in business? Customers, he said, are now more educated and have a better understanding of what they want.

“Consumers today do a lot of research on internet platforms before they shop,” the company founder said. “That’s why my sons take an active role on social media and stay abreast of all the industry trends.”

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“Now, people know exactly what they are looking for and will not settle for less,” Peter Amerosi said, adding that’s why he recommends buying only from a retailer you trust.

“You should have a certain level of comfort with your jeweler and trust that they know and understand your style and expectations,” Jerry Amerosi concluded. “We take pride in what we do one of us, and many times all of us, are here every single day. We are extremely hands on with every single customer, and I think that’s what has always separated us from the chain stores. We’re not here to just sell you an average piece of jewelry. We are here to offer something special…unique.”

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