The Massood family owners and operators of Home Inspirations Thomasville, a home furnishings retail and design company in New Jersey has lived and breathed this business sector for six decades and counting.

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“Dating back to the 1950s, our family has operated one of the largest specialized furniture carriers in the country,” said current owner Ed Massood. “As the business evolved, relationships also evolved with certain manufacturers, and Thomasville was the largest manufacturer we dealt with. In time, our business went from distributing furniture to opening dedicated Thomasville stores.”

Today, this relationship takes the form of Home Inspirations Thomasville, which offers a finely curated collection of home furnishings from the Thomasville, NC based maker, but also from a broad spectrum of additional furniture companies.

With two 12,000 square foot full service stores in Princeton and Woodbridge and a Clearance Center in Rockaway, Home Inspirations Thomasville’s sites are designed using staged room settings to display collections so that customers can sit, touch, and feel each piece.

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“There isn’t much that we can’t do in our stores,” added Massood. “From custom veneering to custom sizes, and the reason we can do that is because we have access to these legacy brands.”

Massood’s business focuses on real decorating solutions, and has assembled a team of noted interior designers and decorators to offer free services to customers, whether they are looking to redecorate and refurnish an entire home or simply rethink choices in a single room.

When seeking design services from Home Inspirations, customers are presented with a four step plan. Beginning with a complimentary in home consultation, an interior designer familiarizes himself or herself with each client’s space, taking the appropriate measurements, photos, and notes, as well as understanding the customer’s needs. The plan then evolves into designers assembling pieces that fit each person’s unique taste and style taking into consideration colors, layout, textures, furniture materials, finishes, and functionality.

After the master plan is finished and approved, Home Inspirations designers will present the customer with a completed visual design and floor plan layout. When that is finalized, a “white glove installation team” delivers each piece and sets up each room.

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From seating with almost a thousand fabric choices to choose from, to custom sized dining with dozens of style and finish options, to custom mirrors, draperies, rugs, and coordinated accessories, the goal, Massood explained, is to be a pathway to a dream home, adding that what customers imagine as that ideal has changed dramatically throughout the years, along with new trends and tastes.

“We’re now seeing cleaner lines, lighter finishes, but with a hint of traditional styling,” said Massood. “And that’s an important balance. Certain generations, like the Baby Boomers, are at the next stage of their lives; they are downsizing and often want less furniture, but more functional furniture. Our industry also revolves around the electronics industry, of course, in both home office, man cave, and entertainment room applications, as well as in the new construction of homes.”

Massood mentioned that motion capable pieces, such as reclining chairs, continue to be a big draw, but the best examples to him are those that are so fine tuned that customers get the aesthetic of stationary design with the functionality of reclining and power motion. Available pieces in that category include the Latham Media Recliner, which looks like a classic club chair but is designed for a 21st century multimedia space.

And although the decades old business plan holds steady, Massood plans for Home Inspirations’ future to be bigger and brighter.

“I want us to stay relevant with the manufacturers that we deal with,” he explained. “And also to provide more relevant information on our website and blogs, keeping our customers up to date on new trends, color palates, and exciting products that are on the market. I also want to open up more design studios and additional stores.”

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