a beauty legend’s new four-week transformative treatment

By Taylor Amatuzzo

Coveted by youth-seeking buyers around the world, Erno Laszlo’s innovative skin treatments have been praised since the Transylvania-born graduate of Royal Hungarian Elisabeth University of Medical Sciences created a foundation cream for Princess Stéphanie of Belgium, who was beset by a difficult case of acne. In 1927, Laszlo opened his first research facility in Budapest, and later founded The Erno Laszlo Institute.

Described as “miracle-workers” by the masses, Erno Laszlo New York’s products include this Transphuse Rapid Renewal Cell Protocol—a breakthrough 28-day program designed to awaken and energize skin’s built-in renewal mechanisms, boosting cellular vigor and a youthful appearance. It features an innovative bio-complex called Biocell essence that inhibits Progerin, a toxin that slows new skin cell production

The month-long treatment is divided into one week each of deep hydration, elasticity restoration, contour refinement, and re-texturizing. By reversing the signs of aging at the cellular level, its results include faded wrinkles, restored hydration and elasticity, re-textured skin, and an overall refined, more youthful complexion.