Thoughts On How A Fine Red Can Heal The Division Between Giants And Eagles Fans

By Nicholas Harary

I’m taking a lot of flack from my Eagles fan readers. “Hey Mr. Giant, how’s the season going for you?” they’ll ask. Yeah, yeah, you think I’m going to stop bashing the Eagles just because they have the best record in the NFL and the Giants are about as pitiful as I can ever remember? You would have thought wrong. I guess I’m a classic football bully and I don’t know how to back down (even when all the facts say that I should).

I received two texts during an October Monday night Eagles game. “Wow, Carson Wentz looks like the real deal,” and “Uh oh, could this really be their year?” Well, pump your breaks; I have seen this movie before…a great regular season, then they rip your hearts out in the playoffs. Eagles fans know what I’m talking about. Earlier this year, it was publicized that a fan had put in his will that his wish was to have eight current Eagles players be his pallbearers. Turns out, even he wanted to be let down one last time by his home team.

So, this wine is especially for Philly fans, because a bottle this good under $20 is about as rare as you know…a Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl parade! For a Juicy, vibrant red for everyday drinking, one of the best of Italy comes from Cristina Brunori. Her 100% Montepulciano 2015 Rosso Conero is dark and absolutely packed with black berry fruit, with a hint of baking spice. Brunori’s family and estate are in eastern Italy, in the green hills of the Marche, overlooking the Adriatic. While the culture of the Marche has not yet embraced such fine Philadelphia cuisine as Cheez Whiz on a cheesesteak or the stale, slightly damp pretzel prized by Eagles fans (the residents of the Marche are still stuck on brodo di pesce and pasta con tartufi…what the heck do they know?), the good news is that Cristina’s terrific Rosso Conero goes with just about anything. It’s the perfect complement to any burger or other cut of cheap beef but versatile enough for pizza, salmon, and roasted chicken…a superb choice for a house red.

2015 Rosso Conero

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