When preparing a home for sale, among of the most important things to consider are from the street visuals. A potential buyer likes to see trimmed shrubs, a green lawn, flowers, a freshly painted fence, and a driveway that’s in good condition. Next comes a fresh coat of paint, and be sure to repair cracked glass and clean all windows. A well maintained roof also says volumes about overall condition. (If a roof needs to be replaced, many people won’t even glance inside.) Once passed these first exterior items, the doorway is another focal point. Be sure to repaint if it’s worn, replace any old or torn screens, replace or polish any house numbers, make sure the doorbell works, and that any lights over or on the side are in working condition. Add a new door mat if needed.

The entry is where the first impression of an interior is created. Its floors should shine, the area should be well lit, moldings should look fresh, and any staircase should be in mint condition and include handrails.

When entering a home, a visitor wants to smell cleanliness and freshness. Scents like lemon oil or lemon wax can help create a lasting sense of both. Aromas to avoid include pet odors, tobacco, and cooking oil or gas.

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in the house, but it’ll certainly have a major impact on the value of the property. If a kitchen needs renovation, consider making any necessary improvements, but ideas to increase appeal without spending a great deal of money include: making sure appliances are spotless (inside and out) and in perfect working order; installing new knobs or hardware; removing small kitchen appliances and gadgets from countertops to create an uncluttered look; and waxing or deep cleaning the floor. Also be certain often forgotten spots like the top of the refrigerator or under sink are clean.

Buyers look for elegant and impressive livings rooms and master bedrooms. Use mirrors wherever possible to enhance the perception of size; their strategic placement over a mantle or across from a window can make a room seem brighter and larger. Then organize furnishings to create a spacious look and arrange closets to likewise increase their perceived size. Rooms should be well lit, and ceiling fans can be an attractive and practical accent to any space. Other living spaces, such as the dining room, bathrooms, basement, and additional bedrooms should all be kept neutral and tidy. It may also help to set a formal dining table to help viewers imagine entertaining in that space. Bathrooms should have no rust or mildew, no caulking around tubs and showers, and tile grout should be in good condition.

Most buyers want to walk out onto a beautiful backyard. So, the swimming pool or spa should be sparkling clean and in good operating condition, and it’s best to have the pool opened during the open house. The filter and heating equipment should be cleaned and any worn or broken equipment should be replaced. Any outdoor furniture that is not in good condition should be removed. Some homes sell in days, others require several months. Recognizing key factors that influence marketing can give you significant control over market time and make sure you receive highest value.

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