Every time a hairdresser puts a scissor to hair, he or she blunts its edges, and at times this can take away natural flow. Over the last three decades, industry pros have turned to using razors to avoid this seemingly inevitable result, but their use has its own problems; it tends to produce more split ends than the client had before she sat down. An alternative was needed, and we now have one, because the Calligraphy Cut has emerged as nothing less than a game changer.

This technique was invented in Europe by one of the most gifted practitioners of our time, Franz Brormann, and starts out with the selection of small sections of hair (known as bundles) strategically chosen for shape, flow, and overall end result, Each bundle is then cut with a pen like tool (hence the name) that cuts on a diagonal. The result is better volume and a beautiful flow. Gone are scissors, razors, and thinning shears, and, given the increasing fascination for medium length and longer styles, we’re grateful for the ability to achieve better results. The patent owner’s site,, adds that the process “increases the surface area of hair by nearly 300%, resulting in fuller, lighter, healthier hair that creates natural movement, increases color radiance, and reduces blow dry time by 30%,” concluding that it “elevates cutting to designing.”

Brormann told Modern Salon magazine that cutting flowers gave him the inspiration for the concept.

“I realized that if you cut in a perfect angle, you can increase the [flower’s surface area] nearly three times,” he said. “And if you can do that to flowers, why not with hair? It took me six years to develop the technique and to design the tool. The result: Hair that is beautiful, soft, and flexible, with natural movement…and the tool looks like a piece of art.”
Approximately 1,000 salons worldwide have been chosen to roll out the Calligraphy Cut technique based on their degree of innovation and good reputation, and ours has the honor of being one of them.

So, if you’re looking for the most breakthrough development in hairdressing since the blow dryer and round brush, your style dreams are about to become reality!

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