Out with the old, in with the new. How to upgrade your digs with objects au courant

By Archana Aithal Rose

The modern man cave
Kick back in style with pieces that’ll bring sophistication to your personal refuge.

gucci metal tray_1

Zegna turntable_1

Shine on!
Blame it on our current obsession with all things natural, but décor is going back to the basics. Gold, for example, is quickly being replaced by copper and brass their earthier hue making them a more compatible color to blend with organic design. That said, bold accent pieces are still very much trending for the New Year, so score a statement number in these gorgeous alloys.


copper table


According to ancient wisdom, agates and geodes seal and ground the energy of a space. For ages, the former has been used as a protective talisman, while geodes are known to stimulate creativity and harmony. If the good vibes alone haven’t got you sold on them, their layered, lustrous look, with organic raw cuts, will rock your home, instantly turning it into a living gallery.

john richard agate