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The expanding mind and empire of Mr. Mauricio

You can’t swing a stick in this city without hitting a DJ who fervently declares himself or herself to be club music’s second coming, and the inspiration from which venues and celebrity parties are going to find their next evolution. For nearly all, this is pure fatuousness mixed with hot air, but ask just about any promoter or club owner who the actual East Coast club king is, and they won’t run far down their list without hitting the name of Mr. Mauricio.

A Miami native, Mauricio began spinning at no less than nine years of age, and made a semi-obsession of it for years thereafter. He was working the door at the infamous club Liquid in Miami when word came that hip-hop spin legend DJ Radamas was ill, and the house was flummoxed as to who to replace him with at the last minute. Liquid owner Chris Paciello basically demanded that the 17-year-old Mauricio take the gig, and even through what he admitted was an epic dose of stage fright, a legend was born. Liquid being the rudder for South Florida club taste as it was, Mauricio was quickly spinning not just in the Orange State, but very, very quickly as far north as New York. Celebrity gigs followed, and he has spun private parties for Christina Aguliera, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Diddy, Pharrell, Mariah Carey, and Madonna, among others. Here in the city, he calls clubs like 1 Oak, SL, Greenhouse, and Tenjune his own…mostly on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Wherever his location, Mauricio carries his native Miami flair, and credits performers such as Kid Capri, Clark Kent, Jam Master Jay, Stretch Armstrong, Mr MIxx, and DJ Laz as his inspirations. To our editorial ears, however, he has both innovated upon and expanded beyond his forbearers’ repertoire, and blends electronic, R&B, and hiphop in a way we’ve simply never heard before. Believe us, if we could mash Alicia Keys’ “No One” with breakbeats, a rap overlay from Cassidy’s “My Drink N’ My Two Step,” along with self-designed percussion, we would…but we can’t.

That’s why there’s royalty in the world.

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