With its body lengthened by eight inches over Merc’s next-largest S class sedan, the Maybach comes off—from the vertical details of its chrome double-bar grill to the sweep of its extended rear quarters—as at once sinuous, graceful, and instantly recognizable, even without the prominent “V-12” side badges. A limousine in every sense, but without the braggart associations, its novel brand of modern luxury extends to the interior; there, Nappa leather is hand-tailored and top-stitched to virtually every surface, and the exotic, handcrafted wood trim options are set off by crisp aluminum accents, but the sum is more cleverly conceived and infinitely more handsome than a traditional ultra-luxe marshmallow-ride limo.

Though the S600 weighs in at a very considerable 6,000 pounds, a 523-horsepower, 6-liter twin-turbo V-12 still propels pilot and passengers to a grand tourerlike 0-to-60 mark of just five seconds

Onboard automatic driver assist systems are arguably more plentiful in the Maybach than in any other production vehicle, including Active Blind Spot Assist, Blind Spot Sensor, Active Lane Keeping Assist Lane Departure Warning, Night View Assist, and Parktronic Active Parking Assist

The optional mbrace Concierge is essentially a Mercedes personal assistant—supplying traffic and weather information, directions, recommendations and even reservations for dinner, tickets to events, and answers to almost any question


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