One Beauty, Many Hats

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Industry: Tell us about your background.

Caitlin Marie Hojnacki: I am of Polish and Italian decent, born and raised on Staten Island. I think being of a mixed background brings together the beauty of both nationalities.

Industry: Where have you lived and where do you hope to live in the future?

CH: Since I was born, I have lived on the same street, in the same house…and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Since my home is directly across the street from a park, I always was, and still am, very active. This home is the only one I’ve ever known, so change would be difficult. I plan on staying close by in the future.

Industry: Tell us about your first modeling gig.

CH: When I was in Pre-K, my mother put me in my first beauty pageant…I won! Ever since then, I love the attention and being in the spotlight.

Industry: Tell us about some of the modeling jobs you’ve done.

CH: I have competed in many pageants…I’ve placed, won, and competed in nationals. I’ve also modeled for several clothing lines, and have modeled for car shows and car magazines.

Industry: Is modeling a full-time career for you? What else do you do?

CH: As of now I am a full-time nursing student. I just finished my third semester. It would be my dream to be a full-time model, but until the opportunity arises, I am working hard to become a registered nurse.

Industry: Where do you hope modeling takes you?

CH: Becoming a full-time print model is my dream. To land a cover spot is my goal…and I will work my hardest to achieve that.

Industry: …and your interests and hobbies?

CH: I am an outdoors kind of girl. I love working out, running, and most of all playing sports. However, I enjoy nothing more than music; it is my therapy…soothes the soul.

Industry: Describe your look in three words.

CH: Exotic. Unique. Intriguing. My look helps me during castings because I stand out by looking different from most.

Industry: …and your personality in three words?

CH: Outgoing. Personable. Animated. Those, too, help with modeling because I’m able to be comfortable in front of the camera, and confident with my poses.

Industry: What do you love most about the business?

CH: What I love most about modeling is the confidence it helps to build. That translates to a bunch of life’s areas.

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