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A local spa debuts breakthrough packages, along with an innovative “celeb-style” hair color technique

When the holiday season approaches, it ushers in a sense of optimism, along with countless reasons to celebrate. The holidays also mark that time of year when our calendars are filled with festive parties that require us to get all glammed up and shining like a supernova. Whether we’re gearing up for nights of holiday socializing or winding down from several weeks of hectic holiday shopping and hosting, we can all certainly use a dose of pampering.

A.F. Bennett Salon and Wellness Spa promises to spruce you up or wind you down—depending upon your style (and schedule), intention, and tastes. Maybe you want to indulge yourself (after all you’ve been a good girl or boy) or even give the gift of relaxation to somebody extra special on your holiday list. Whatever the motivation, this New Dorp-based salon and spa delivers superior service and provides expert personal attention to its style-savvy guests. An intimate and relaxed atmosphere truly helps beauty buffs unwind as does the complimentary bar service, which serves hot holiday favorites such as spiced cider, hot cocoa, and a special “tranquility” tea that fuses chamomile and passionflower to produce a soothing effect.

With a reputation as a retreat and renewal center for the body, mind, and soul, A.F. Bennett offers a host of feel-good and functional services such as body massage, facial care, hydrotherapy, and beyond. This season, it launches several packages that will help bring warmth to the long, cold winter, along with a celebrity-style hair coloring technique sure to boost your beauty factor. “One of our points of distinction for guests is that they can always look forward to innovation,” said owner Frank Bennett.

Also new this holiday is the indulgent Petite Retreat package, which includes a mini facial, concentrated focus massage (thirty minutes of specialized attention on a specific area), a manicure/pedicure express (which takes about an hour) and signature blow dry, all for $130. “This package is designed to deliver maximum results in a shorter period of time,” Bennett explained. “It’s ideal for time-strapped revelers who need to glam up in the nick’ of time for upcoming holiday parties and other festive affairs.”

An additional novel treatment this season is the Cashmere Spice Body Detox, which begins with a rich, aromatic Herbal Spice Body Scrub to refines and prepare the skin for the Chai Soy Mud Mask—a method of fusing calming antioxidants with the warming spices of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. A soothing shower will whisk the mask away, revealing a toned, radiant complexion. A rich moisture application of A.F. Bennett’s exclusive hand-blended aromatherapy emulsion Cashmere Spice finishes off the treatment (priced at $115).

For those who are strictly manicure-minded, the spa’s new Extended Wear Manicure is designed to produce chip-free radiant color that lasts from 7 to 10 days. “This allows women to get a coat of nail polish that is almost chip defiant,” added Bennett. Ideal for women who are wary of committing to one color, the polish will last longer than a regular manicure and is priced affordably at $30.

For those looking to turn heads with innovative hair color techniques akin to the glamorous looks flaunted by Drew Barrymore and Rachel Bilson, the salon offers a new customized Ombre system that begins at the scalp with darker tones that gradually lighten towards the hair tips. “Not a cookiecutter technique, this treatment was specifically created to be like a one-off painting, so the look is really up to the artist,” concluded Bennett. The custom treatment starts at $150.

Whether you’re interested in a straightening treatment, fabulous manicure or pedicure, or other stellar service, safety for the staff and guests is A.F. Bennett’s top priority. To that end, the salon just brought in a Valentino Beauty Pure Air Filtration System to eliminate airborne chemicals and other odors, giving additional meaning to a healthy and happy holiday season. So breath easy and be pampered!

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