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Mixer at the Hilton Garden Inn for Race For The Ring 2

On April 6th, there was a special mixer held at the Hilton Garden Inn to announce the TOP 9 couples that made it into the second round of the RACE FOR THE RING competition presented by Casale Jewelers.

These couples worked around the clock in order to extrapolate the most amount of ‘likes’ through their network of Facebook friends, families,  & strangers.

Photos By: Paula Pucciarelli Photography

Let’s take a chance to get familiar with these 9 couple competing to make the TOP 5 couples.  Those 5 couples will make it to the actual race on May 3rd, around Staten Island.

#1: Couples Full Name. Carissa Chiapparelli & Michael Jezycki #2: How you guys met. We met a club in Manhattan called Prime. We made eye contact in the beginning of the night and once our eyes locked, we couldn’t take our eyes off each other. Mike finally approached me, we began talking, and that was it. We were attached at the hip ever since that night in November of 2008 and have been crazy in love since. #3: Life/Career Aspirations together. Mike just became a NY police officer in December of 2011, and I will graduate with my Master’s Degree in School Counseling this upcoming May from St Johns University. We wish to have around 3 children, live in Staten Island, and live a life filled with love and happiness for the rest of our lives. #4: What will you do with that extra $10,000 dollars should you win the RACE? With the extra $10,000, we would like to put that money towards our dream wedding.

QUESTION#1:Couples Full Name. MaryAnne Lambraia and Matthew Oetting QUESTION#2:How you guys met. – we meet sophmore year of high school in english class. QUESTION#3:Life/Career Aspirations together.- MaryAnne is a Licenced practical nurse and is currently studing to become a registered nurse. Matthew is currently a member of the New York City Police Departmant. I plan on studying to become a supervisor. we both think that now is the right time to start our lives together. QUESTION#4: What will you do with that extra $10,000 dollars? If MaryAnne and i won the race for the ring we would use the exrta $10,000 to pay off our student loans.

1.Couples Full Name : Veronica Humphries & Zachary Rosch 2.How did you guys meet? We both meet in a Sociology class 3 years ago. We lost contact for two years and then after Zach went out one night he had the courage to send me a message to see how I was doing and since then We’ve been inseparable 3.Life/ Career Aspirations Together ? I can sum up this entire answer into two words. Ultimate Happiness. Where ever our career paths take us it will all be worth it because well have each other. 4.What would you do with the extra $10,000 should you win the contest?Zach- Well… being a wreckless spender and all, I would have to say that the best answer I could give is to save it. Save it for now save it for the future. You have to look at it as an investment towards the future.

The couples names: Jaclyn Herbert Michael Reinhart How we met: We love the silly story on how we met. Hard to believe it was 13 years ago already. Both of us attended Tottenville HS and hung out in an outdoor area called the hut. One of the first days out of the year Michael decided to take his jacket off since he was hot. Jaclyn on the other hand was cold and was told by a mutual friend to take the random adidas jacket to put on. What a ruckus that stirred. Mike noticed his jacket gone missing and went crazy screaming for his coat. Jackie was petrified. Eventually Michael noticed it was Jaclyn who put it on. He said she looked adorable and since it was so big on her he would call her the sexy little midget. Through that they became close friends which over the many years turned into a wonderful relationship. Life/Career Aspirations together: Together our future holds many goals and aspirations. Our main goal is to be as happy as we can be together and live our lives together to the fullest. We already have a small family which includes Michael’s son Thomas and would like to expand that in the near future. Jaclyn is a makeup artist and Michael is a chef. Who could ask for better, the man gets to cook for his lady often. Over the next few years we would like to really start our lives together. Getting married would be the start of it. Hopefully Michael will be able to open a “Grilled Cheese” themed restaurant where Jaclyn could have her own gluten free menu. Many vacations and adventures will be planned with hopes of going everywhere. This time of our life is only the beginning to a wonderful adventure we are starting. We both couldn’t have asked for a better match than each other to start it with. What will you do with that extra $10,000 dollars should you win the RACE? We wish we could say we had the money to spend. This contest would financially help to put a beautiful ring on Jaclyn’s finger. However at this time in our lives if we did have that money to spend it would be going to one of a few things. A wedding is something we would like to start planning. Vacations are a necessity therefor they’re would possibly be our first international trip together and lastly we would love to start saving for a house together. A place to call our own and start our family and accomplish our dreams.

1. Full Names: Paul LiConti and Melissa Vitale 2. How we met: Melissa literally fell into Paul’s arms at their favorite spot, Djais, down at the Jersey Shore 3. Life and Career Aspirations: Melissa works in sales and marketing at WB Mason, the NY Yankees supplier. Paul will be taking the union test this month to get into the Electricians Union. Currently he is working with his Entertainment company Music 2 the Max that is known all over the tri state area. 4. What we will do with the $10,000 if we win: In the financial position we are in now, winning would be a huge help for us! We would plan on getting engaged when Melissa is fully cured of her cancer that she was diagnosed with in November.

1. Full names. Christina Cappelli and Anthony Formisano 2. How we met… Anthony was friends with my brother since he was 14 and Anthony was always around,with friends and girls and I was always doing my own thing. I never knew until 7 years ago what Anthony was saying about me to my brother .. “one day I will be with your sister” ” You’ll see I’ll be cooking you breakfast” and My brother always said he never thought so..until one day my brother told me…once he told me that Anthony has always liked me I wanted to know more..Anthony and I started hanging out, talking for hours, Sharing secrets and stories and any question you can ever think of we answered I soon realized he knew me better than anyone, He has always been By Each others Sides We are BEST FRIENDS We are a Team anyone would vouch! 3.Career… I am a special education para professional for the board of education. I thrive on helping special needs children and absolutely love my job. I am also a independent Lia Sophia jewelry advisor and love meeting new people. Anthony is a Master Barber at Goodfellows barber shop, he has been cutting hair for over 10 years and also loves what he does. We support each other in all our long weekend hours and Any ideas each other have to make us more successful. 4. What we will do with the money saved… This wedding is something us and our family have talked about for years all our dreams and personal pieces we want in this wedding to celebrate all our years of love together and much more to come. A wedding and house, vendors and furniture is a lot easier when dreaming.. We have been saving for years but this economy does not make it easy for any couple to move on to the next chapter. We will use money saved to helps start our next chapter.

1) Jessica Mongiove Benedetto Peluso 2) Ben and I met while working at Capital One Bank five years ago. 3) As an Intermediate School Math Teacher and an aspiring Police Officer, Ben and I plan on getting married and starting a family. 4) We are looking to start our lives together and winning this contest could help us financially.

1) Daniel Murphy and Jessica Rosado 2) I randomly friend requested Jess on myspace 8 years ago 3) Our main goal is to have a long loving happy marriage and in a few years buy a house and start a family. 4) Ofcourse if we were to win everything will be going to plan our dream wedding!

QUESTION #1: Couples Full Name? Michael Joseph Galluccio Tina Marie Sovich QUESTION #2: How you guys met? Tina and I met though our old employer, Modell’s Sporting Goods INC. Tina was Assistant Store Manager & I was Sporting Goods Department Manager. We both also have a lot of mutual friends. We knew that those sparks that flew the first time when we saw each other in the Sporting Goods aisle of Modell’s, would only lead to a relationship for almost 5 years now. I always say to this day, “thank goodness I asked Tina for that season Winter Merchandising Visual for the Sporting Goods Department move, or else we probably would’ve never had that first bonding connection.” QUESTION #3: Life/Career Aspirations together? In 2009 Tina went to The Academy of NYC a Paul Mitchell Cosmetology school here on Staten Island to get her cosmetology license. She is now working part time at Artistry Salon on New Dorp Lane as a Hairstylist. Tina’s dream and all time goal is to eventually own her own salon either on Staten Island or in Manhattan. I currently work at Footlocker INC. here on Staten Island, in the Staten Island Mall. In 2007 I attended Institute of Audio Research in Manhattan New York where I received a Diploma and Certificate for Audio Engineering . I am also a freelance DJ and work selected venues in Staten Island, Long Island or Manhattan. Eventually I would also like to be able to manage my own DJ company or work full time in a radio studio. Our dream is to have a marriage filled with love and happiness, and that is something that we will instill in our children when it’s time to have a family. We hope that this will become an incredible journey we can embark upon together. QUESTION #4: What will you do with that extra $10,000 dollars should you win the RACE? With the money that we will be saving when we win the ring, 3/4 of it will actually go to a small version of Tina’s dream wedding. (black tux, white dress, small church, and small party) Tina always talked about how she never wanted that “extreme wedding,” and she only wanted both of our families just to be able to dance the night away. I want to make her dream come true, even if it is that small wedding she is dreams for. I also would want to put the rest of the money in a savings account, so within 5 years we would be able to put money down for our first home together and maybe start our family.

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