With a 1,500-hp electric/V8 hybrid motor supplying the joy, Koenigsegg’s Regera takes its place as the fastest production car in the world

by Evan Monroe


Placing second in practical application, song, and story is pretty much always a raw deal (just ask a certain runner-up for the Presidential contest if you need elaboration on that point). So, when this year’s most expensive production automobiles were announced, one might have expected Koenigsegg’s Regera, at just shy of $1.9 million, to be comfortably in first position. But when Bugatti unveiled a design-tweaked and performance-enhanced Chiron, then stuck a nearly $3 million price sticker on its windshield, the Swedish boutique supercar manufacturer—founded in 1994 by Christian von Koenigsegg—had to massage its ego.

Still, those who happen to have 423 times the average United States worker’s salary will be cheered to discover how much they get for their greenbacks, first and foremost a hybrid 800-volt electric and traditional V8 combustion engine, which generates a mind altering 1,500 horsepower—its power sent to the rear wheels via Koenigsegg Direct Drive, a proprietary system that replaces a traditional gearbox and avoids the weight penalties and efficiency losses inherent in a typical drivetrain. This helps place the Regera (Swedish for “to reign”) comfortably in first place in one pivotal respect; it’s the fastest production car in the world, with 0 to 250 miles per hour attained in 20 seconds. Twenty seconds.

It seems silly to throw other details into this article and not let the last figure stick the editorial landing, but those interested should probably also know that the Regera is available with six-way electronically adjustable sport seats, full iPhone integration via Apple CarPlay (including music, calls, messaging, and maps), patented Bird’s Eye View parking assistance, and Koenigsegg’s unique Autoskin system that allows the driver to open any of the doors or hood with the touch of a button.