The Aurora Station Space Hotel is as crazy as it sounds. It is a hotel room IN outer space. People are dying to go to space and this company is finally making a enjoyable destination. In order to take part in this journey it’s guests must undergo three months of astronaut training before their launch. The ship can only hold four guest as at a time but, it also comes with two crew members to handle the needs of the guests. It is a little pricey but, they say the views are out of this world. An all inclusive 12-day stay, with transportation, is going for a whopping 9.5 million dollars. The company plans to launch the program in the year 2021. If you’d like to book a once in a lifetime trip use this link! www.orionspan.com234658EE-EC0F-465F-87A5-A6069D6BFC930A6C33F3-AD0A-4ADE-AC04-6D4455A197CD