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Black, white, and orange are the three color keys to this year’s summer style

In Perfect Harmony

Light and dark come together to create modern yet tribal flavor. These wrist charmers go with everything, so don’t be afraid to wear with other prints. Silk thread wrapped around an octagon wooden bangle adds texture to an already intriguing piece. $35

Seat, Fresh Squeezed

The La Versha chair is a garden chair of colorful flourishes inspired by the designs of traditional wrought-iron fencing. By British designer and artist David Le Versha, it’s a pop of color for your outdoor lounge or your whimsical indoor décor. $248

Cuff ‘Em

Morocco circa 2030, this amazing piece is the love child of vintage detail and sleek modernity. The bold contrast of tangerine plexi against gold plating gives this Pucci cuff a sophisticated shot of color. $760

Main Event

The much-awaited Spring 2012 handbag collection from Parisian powerhouse Balmain is finally ours for the taking. Studded, beaded, embroidered, and embellished details take center stage in rock-infused and glamorous handbags. Folkloric and tribal influences make them the hot ticket this summer. Inquire for pricing

Classically Colored

Cashmere knits are a musthave in every girl’s trousseau. Instead of basic black, get daring in orange. The classic v-neck cut holds its own in any hue, so can’t a girl dream in tangerine? $480

Orange you Glad?

Straight from Marrakech, these leather slippers make us smile. Ditch the frumpy terrycloth slippers in your closet for their more exotic cousin. Hand-stitched, these are perfect for lounging at home or at the spa. You’re bound to put a smile on anyone who spies your tootsies. $38

Write is Right

Forget fancy gadgets: nothing can replace a good old-fashioned notebook when it comes to agendas and to-do lists. Luxurious leather journal with screaming print by fashionable Eley Kishimoto. Eggs, milk, and toilet paper never had it so good. $220

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