The Aquavista Dinosaur Gold edition

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The only Aquarium with a 65 million year old history The worlds rarest , most exclusive and most expensive Aquarium. Stuart Hughes of Liverpool was commissioned by Aquavista UK of London to design something unique. The decision was made instantly although the project took 4 months to complete in London where Aquavista UK are based. The result was a massive amount of pure solid 24ct gold in the form of 68 kg. 2 extraordinary side veneers made from mammoth tusk with a unique piece of Dinosaur bone from the T-REX diagonally shaved into the tusk. • Low maintenance – designed to simplify your life, the Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium requires less than 15 minutes per month • No daily care – complete with embedded Automatic Feeder, caring for your fish has never been easier. Just refill the feeder periodically and enjoy! • Complete advanced aquarium system – the Aquavista Panoramic is pre-assembled with dual filtration system, heater, air pump, lighting, CO2 generator, and automatic feeder that is controlled by an easy to use programmable touch-screen control that simplifies all functions. Essential aquarium • Create an underwater garden – each unit comes with a Carbon Dioxide Generator that allows live plants to photosynthesize and flourish. Aquascaping is a new and growing hobby, and it has never been simpler.

Via Stuart Hughes

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