Afflicted with ennui about your workaday dumbbellset? How about one coated in 18-karat gold?

by matt scanlon

The common refrain is that in order for fitness regimens to be successful, they need to be diversified. Until recently, those seeking diversification in the form of extraordinary expense needed to console themselves with Carl Lagerfeld’s limited-edition but now discontinued Louis Vuitton punching bag ($100,000) or boxing gloves ($10,000). This meant that there was a hole in the lunatic fringe market, one happily filled by the Germany-based Hock, a fitness equipment brand created by Kristof Hock in 2009. (Before setting up his own company, Hock was a product developer and also worked as a concept developer at various international agencies, where he created advertising campaigns.) Nominated for the German Design Council design award in 2011, his brand and products are always intricately conceived, but here, it seems Kristof just wanted to have a little fun.

The handmade Goldloft 18K Gold Dumbbell Set features grenadilla wood (prized in its African grow regions from Senegal to East Eritrea, and principally used in the manufacture of musical instruments) and is finished in 18-karat yellow gold (1,000 grams, to be precise). A representative from Hock will arrive at your doorstep with the weights, by the way, which is a neat way of avoiding having to call the company with any questions.

Goldloft 18K Gold Dumbbell Set