At $6 million, this Connecticut home audio and video system is the most expensive in the world

by Evan Monroe

The culmination of what he termed “a forty-year quest to re-create childhood experiences in venues like Radio City Music Hall,” Connecticut sound designer Jeremy Kipnis has assembled the world’s most expensive home theater.

For his home, the CEO and chief designer at Kipnis Studio Standard created essentially an IMAX experience scaled for a residence.

The system begins with a Sony SRX-T110 4K 3D projector rated at 4,000 lumens (just about four times the home theater brightness standard), with audio provided by 72 tube amplifiers made by McIntosh (specifically MC-2102s and MC-2301s) which deliver an incredible 96,000 watts of power to the 12.12 surround speaker array (12 full loudspeakers and 12 subwoofers).

So much power is consumed in the process that installation required a consultation with Connecticut Light & Power, and ultimately the placement of two external transformers.

The price tag? A cool $6 million, though the designer provides a variety of lower-end systems for homeowners.

Jeremy Kipnis, AVDE

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