this Aesthetic Medicine center in Colts Neck focuses on a range of less invasive skin and body procedures

by Jessica Jones-Gorman • Photos By Robert Nuzzie

When aesthetic medical procedures started emerging more than a decade ago and in-office treatments like Botox and fillers began gaining traction, Dr. Kristine Krever found herself intrigued by the potential of this then-up-and-coming specialty.

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“I was working in family medicine at the time and was thinking of exploring other options,” Krever said. “I was introduced to Krista Olsen-Dibsie, who owned and operated a state-of-theart medical spa in Red Bank, and something just clicked.”

Krever earned her premedical undergraduate degree from Johns Hopkins University and then completed her medical education at Eastern Virginia Medical School in her hometown of Norfolk, VA. During her training, she had focused on dermatologic procedures, but after completing a residency in the Virtua Health System in Voorhees, New Jersey, where she had received intensive training under specialists in all aspects of medical care—including general medicine, surgery, dermatology, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, and psychiatry—she decided her career would follow a different path.

In 2003, inspired by her passion for women’s health and a natural aptitude for detail-oriented medical procedures, coupled with that chance meeting with Olsen-Dibsie, she made the decision to strike off on her own and pursue aesthetic medicine as a subspecialty. “For me, the idea of helping patients correct common skin issues like acne and rosacea was very gratifying,” Krever said. “And the ability to promote graceful aging was also extremely rewarding.”

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So, together, Krever and Olsen-Dibsie launched The Center for Aesthetic Medicine at Colts Neck, which focuses its services on a spectrum of less invasive skin and body procedures. The practice works cooperatively with other providers, such as plastic surgeons, vascular surgeons, weight management consultants, and dental specialists, to help patients access the appropriate aesthetic care.

“Patients trust me with their face, and that’s not a small thing,” Krever noted. “People visit the office because they are self-conscious about something, not happy about a condition or abnormality that they cannot hide. To be able to help them work on fixing that abnormality is something I am tremendously serious about.”

“This world of Botox, fillers, and dermatologic treatment does not carry the same risk as a facelift or other invasive surgical procedures, but it is not a simple drop-in service either.”

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Krever focuses significant attention on the physical and psychological benefits of graceful aging, addressing how stress affects her patients’ faces—helping them bring out a healthy, radiant appearance through a combination of appropriate treatments and healthful living.

“For me, medical aesthetics is the middle ground between surgery and the cosmetics counter at the mall,” the doctor explained. “This niche world of Botox, fillers, and dermatologic treatment is not on the same scale and does not carry the same risk as a facelift or other invasive surgical procedures, but it is not a simple drop-in service either. Yes, what we do is noninvasive and safe, but it is not a drive-through. It should not be valued on the same level as a manicure/pedicure. We ake each treatment very seriously. There are plastic surgeons who offer Botox as a side service, but this is what we do day in and day out. I spend time with patients to determine what the best treatment plan is for their lifestyle, because this is not a one-size-fits-all branch of medicine. If you’re looking to zip in and out, then this is not the right place for you, but if you desire a staff with a great deal of experience who understands how to properly care for each of your aesthetic needs…that is what we do.”

Staffed with a registered nurse, several clinical aestheticians, and a massage therapist, The Center provides services like CoolSculpting, Vaser Liposelection, and MicroLaser Peel, along with acne treatment, customized facials, microneedling, and chemical peels.

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“Our patients have been with us for a long time, and we’ve built up so many wonderful elationships here over the past decade,” Krever said. “As professionals, we recognize that treatments, by design, do not last forever, and that people’sneeds change as they age. We nstantly reassess, so that our patients can look effortlessly natural.”

Krever says her staff shines at injecting fillers in complex areas that require both a knowledge of anatomy and years of experience.

“Companies are continually developing products—improving quality in terms of duration and customization for specific areas,” she said. “So now, instead of using all-purpose injectables on all areas of the face, we have products that are formulated for lips or eyes. And duration times, which used to be six months, can sometimes be up to two years.”


There’s also fractional laser therapy, she said, which handles deep skin remodeling, while Cool-Sculpting targets unwanted fat cells.

“There are a lot of cosmetic desires, and the market is focused on meeting all of them,”Krever said. “We are constantly researching all of the latest modalities. New innovations are happening almost every day in this field, and we love being able to introduce them to our clients.”

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The Center for Aesthetic Medicine at Colts Neck
340 State Route 34, Colts Neck / 732.275.8228