Admasu Gizachew, DDS, the proprietor of Nu Dental, doesn’t believe in “one size fits all” care. Often called “Dr. G” by regulars, the New York University College of Dentistry graduate believes that a thorough assessment also means arming people with the tools they need to practice proper oral care at home. And if that means spending upwards of two hours with a patient, so be it.

“You and I could be the same age with the same eating habits, and have entirely different needs,” explained the doctor. “Even siblings have different results. That’s why we perform a risk assessment on each patient. We can see things like how susceptible they are to cavities. Through computer-based diagnostics, we can then tailor an at-home care plan.”

Gizachew recognized the need for this type of hyper focused approach long before he was accepted into dental school. Passion for the field began at an early age.

“The main reason I got into dentistry was an experience I had at 13 years old,” he said. “I was not able to find the right dentist after multiple visits to multiple offices, and became fascinated with the profession.”

Although the seed had been planted, Gizachew’s initial endeavors were in academics and research. He studied microbiology in college and became enthralled with scientific research, particularly in the field of skin cancer. He also taught at a university for a few years before shifting gears and enrolling in the elite NYU dental program.

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“My experience there introduced me to the new way in dentistry,” he recalled, “and I vividly remember my mentor telling me that the future was implants.”

Heeding that advice, Gizachew completed two years of training in implants at Rutgers University, in addition to completing residencies at Bellevue, Gouverneur, NYU, and Coler-Goldwater hospitals. He then accepted a position as a clinical director, with duties that included training others in implants and cosmetic dentistry. Although it was an uppermanagement position, Gizachew was unable to run the practice as he saw fit. He realized that the only way to provide the highest level of care was to open his own practice.

“I knew I needed to be in charge so I could run it the way I knew was best,” he said

Nu Dental opened in 2018, and today has offices in Eatontown and Brick in New Jersey and the South Shore of Staten Island. A fourth, in New Jersey’s Barnegat Township, is in the works and should open later this year.
Assembling the right team was vital.

“This is a collaborative effort,” said the doctor. “I knew I wouldn’t be able to provide the care I needed without the right people beside me.”

Nu Dental’s services are comprehensive. While Gizachew specializes in implants and cosmetic procedures, he still performs examinations, cleanings, fillings, and extractions, plus emergencies like fixing a broken tooth or loose crown. Now comfortably within the walls of his own practice, Gizachew has the ability to employ a patient-forward philosophy to ensure that no one suffers the same frustration he did as a teenager.

“Patient experience is key,” he said. “Giving people the ability to reach me on my cell phone, for example, is important. Every patient who comes in my office has access to me via text and email.”

For Gizachew, who’s nabbed top doctor awards in New Jersey and New York several years in a row, availability isn’t the only mark of exceptional service. He also strives to inform regarding everything that happens in his examination chair and what each person can do to make improvements outside the office.

“My team and I also have open discussions…explain exactly what is going to be done. Oral care is so important because it’s the gateway to the rest of the body. Every visit, we spend a great amount of time educating about what’s needed and what they should be doing at home. We compare pictures to show them how much they’ve improved or if they’re going backward. Patients appreciate the time we take.”

In addition to this one-on-one philosophy and emphasis on education, technology, of course, is pivotal. So, the practice uses the most advanced devices and procedures available, including a soft tissue diode laser (a dual-wavelength technology used for a range of procedures, including crown lengthening), digital impression technology, and an intraoral camera, which provides a super-detailed view of the mouth. For implants, Gizachew applies the “all-on-four” or “all-on-six” treatment concept, an advanced method for permanently applying a full set of upper and bottom teeth secured by four or six implants. The technology prevents further bone loss in patients and can save time and money down the road.

Gizachew also spends a large portion of his free time on professional development. He currently logs in close to 300 hours of continuing education per year.

“Science is simply moving much faster than it used to. Dentistry in the last 20 years has changed more than it did in the last century,” he said. “I read medical journals at least four or five times a week—basically whenever I have downtime. This is important in a variety of ways; some patients come in and ask questions most dentists would never even think of, so I need to be prepared.”

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