‘Tis the season of sparkle, and these beauty techniques will help you shine from the inside out

by Luda Conti, owner of Avanti Day Resort

The holiday season ushers in its fair share of lustre, from tinsel wrapped trees to entire city blocks illuminating with multicolored lights. Dresses, blazers, and accessories made of sequins and glitter also make their way into regular rotation as the party season kicks off.

Gem of an Idea!
This year, for an elevated display of sophistication, upgrade your eyelash game with Swarovski Crystals. Lash Jewels are lightweight eyelash extensions individually adorned with crystals to put a literal twinkle in the eye. The tips of each extension are split to support the weight of the jewel, ensuring the crystals last as long as the extension itself (up to six weeks). Multi-colored and glittered lashes also add a pop of holiday cheer.

It’s been quite the year, my friends. We’ve discussed everything from emerging trends to revolutionary breakthroughs in beauty technology. We’ve talked pastel hair color, micro blading, and how sophisticated hairpieces can erase decades from a man’s hairline. We’ve explored the origins of the henna tattoo, celebrated the comeback of the wig…even learned how popsicles led to the invention of Cool Sculpting.

Take Stock for 2020-shutterstock_1282601284

So, as we see 2019 in the rearview and prepare to bid this decade farewell, I wanted to remind everyone to take the time to focus on, nurture, and love themselves, in ways that encompass physical, emotional, spiritual, and professional needs. I invite everyone to make 2020 the year of “You.” Remember that beauty stems from within, so do what makes you happy.

Caring for ourselves can take a myriad of forms, from eating right and exercising to avoiding guilt and recognizing negative emotions and finding ways of short-circuiting them—from noticing the positive in life to gathering strength from others and sharing your own gifts with those in need.

Cellini Spread

From everyone at Avanti Day Resort, we wish you the happiest of New Years!

Vitamin C, aka ascorbic acid, is an essential nutrient for the growth, development, and healing of body tissues. It plays a leading role in collagen production and iron absorption and supports cellular function in the immune system to help keep sickness at bay.

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The vitamin also works wonders when applied directly to the face. Called a citrus facial, this brightening skin treatment utilizes the revitalizing benefits of 100% pure vitamin C to give skin a surge of energy by addressing sun damage and premature signs of aging. The associated reparative serum melts into the skin, and by harnessing its collagen stimulation powers helps renew firmness and elasticity.

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