Calvin Klein Obsessed For Men
A blend of strength and heart, this sophisticated structure of black vanilla, grapefruit, and Sichuan pepper is elegant, yet edgy. $82

Calvin Klein Obsessed_1

John Varvatos Oud Fragrance
Luxuriously aromatic yet mysterious, here, sweet tobacco is mixed with juniper berries for an unforgettable scent. $150

John Varvators Out Fragrance _1

Ralph Lauren Polo Red Extreme
A sweet and spicy blend of blood orange and black coffee makes for a fiery and powerful statement that’s meant to encapsulate rugged masculinity. $95

RALPH LAUREN Polo Red Extreme

Gardian Spread

Coach for Men Eau De Toilette
Coach creates a complex and masculine fragrance with top notes of citrus and pear that dry down to a warm and earthy base. Great for all American rebels. $82

Coach for Men Eau De Toilette

HYLNDS Foxglove
Based on an account that a foxglove rested on the grave of Oisín (in legend the greatest poet of Ireland), this otherworldly blend combines a wild bouquet of flowers with beach skin and narcotic champaca absolute. $180

HYLNDS Foxglove

Rag & Bone Amber Eau de Parfum
If you’re a fan of the warm and spicy fragrance family, this opulent and smoky blend is tailor made of seductive liquid amber and aged tobacco. $150

RAG & BONE Amber Eau de Parfum

Clive Christian E Gourmande Oriental
This insanely warm and rich perfume has a heart of sweetened clove and cinnamon, wrapped in a soft shell of fruity rum, whisky, and peaches. $395

Clive Christian E Gourmande Oriental

Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme
For those who thrive on extreme sensations, this aromatic, musky scent will push limits with its nutty Tonka bean and Italian Mandarin. $150

Chanel Allure Homme Sport