What really gave birth to Sophia Nubes is my path of privileges and many hardships that made me sensitive to the 1,000 nuances of life. A hard path of persecution of which I wanted to testify through beauty and elegance,” designer Elena Pioli wrote in her inaugural blog post for her Milanese based collection Sophia Nubes, offering an open, honest account on the complexities of motherhood, the general trauma we carry as humans, and her recent battle with breast cancer. Her collections are a medium for transforming that hurt into healing, in the same way fashion is a transformative language through its majesty of silhouettes, textures, and aesthetics. And if there’s anything 2020 has taught us, it’s the value of hope and resilience through uncertain circumstances. Sophia Nubes manifests that same persevering mindset and intangible confidence through clothes.

Pioli was born into fashion, learning the art of hand stitching family furs in a tailor shop at a young age. With her collections, however, she reinvents classic Italian sophistication and tailoring with innovative fabrics and a sporty sensibility. As this editorial suggests, her latest collection infuses the venerated “Made in Italy” with a modern femininity. Elegant silky separates with a pleated cape transforms the everywoman into a hero. A tailored wide legged trouser in snakeskin paired with a bikini top and crochet harness gives the illusion of an ethereal warrior on the go. For her, the power of tapping into tradition is “the silent knowledge of the well-known ‘Made in Italy,’ which cannot be taught nor imitated. Day after day we create, working hard but full of passion.” Stitching that passion into Sophia Nubes, the line invites you to feel the designer’s power and perseverance with every wear.

With rich textures, vibrant colors, and dynamic silhouettes, Pioli also wants her pieces to resonate the same message of hope she sought throughout her battle. “My fight against cancer inspired me to delve deeper into the design philosophy. Even when I’m exhausted, and especially in those moments, I try with all my strength to imagine a new trend, to create a new dress, to try and understand what is missing, and what happens to women today.” Her spring collection sent a ray of sunshine down the runway, sprinkling cheery citrine elements throughout. Sleek suiting paired with “We Are Ahead” sports bras, mesh tops, and leggings juxtaposing silk, presenting an air of streetwear meets sophistication. It paid homage to the multifaceted nature of a woman.

Sophia Nubes

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