Making History
Tapping into the rich history of female bootleggers during Prohibition, relative newcomer Saint Liberty Whiskey has been acquired by CÎROC veterans Dia Simms and Erin Harris. The now all black women owned brand, founded by Austin spirit maker Mark SoRelle, is built around the concept of telling untold stories, like Bertie “Birdie” Brown, a moonshiner who homesteaded in Montana in the 1920s. Brown’s story is the inspiration for Saint Liberty’s first release, Bertie’s Bear Gulch, an 87 proof Texas bourbon blend finished in Montana. The whiskey’s candied orange aroma, hints of apricot, and caramelized vanilla make for a robust, interesting sip. $49.99,

This super limited release from Dominican Big Leaguer Cigars is called, fittingly, the DBL Baseball Bat. In the words of DBL owner Francisco Almonte, “One cannot speak about the Dominican Republic without mentioning the nation’s two greatest passions baseball and cigars.” The DBL Baseball Bat, despite its unique bat shape, is no novelty cigar, though it will add a sporty look to any humidor. It’s a well-built cigar that smokes cleanly and comes in either a Habana or a Maduro wrapper in a neat custom coffin box. Both types feature 100% Dominican binder and filler. Sticks Cigar Lounge in Rahway, New Jersey, carries this rare release, and without a large online stock, a local cigar shop might be your best bet. $16,

High Peaks Distilling has made a name for itself in the past couple years as a “brewer’s distillery.” Its founder, John Carr, is an alum of Adirondack Brewing. Fittingly, the upstate distillery took home the award for New York’s American Single Malt Distillery of the Year at this year’s NY International Spirits Competition. Founded in 2016, High Peaks has a small but thoughtful lineup with a mash that’s brewed and fermented in house. Their most decorated whiskey, Cloud splitter, is a classic single malt, packed with earthy, peaty notes. They also distill a straight bourbon (Night Spirit) and Sugar Moon, a maple syrup flavored whiskey. $40,

Northwell Spread

A Dash Of Novelty
Angostura bitters are required inventory in any self-respecting barroom, even in this era of small batch, quirky craft bitters. (We’re looking at you, rhubarb bitters.) It’s a brand that eschews novelty its last release was the excellent Angostura Orange Bitters in 2007 which makes the recent announcement of Angostura Cocoa Bitters all the more intriguing. Announced in early August, the cocoa bitters carry spicy, floral aromas plus the unique flavor profile of Trinitario cocoa grown and harvested on the islands of Trinidad & Tobago, Angostura’s home for nearly 200 years. For the uninitiated, cocoa and chocolate bitters are an excellent substitute for traditional bitters in a number of cocktails, adding a surprising dimension to classic drinks a Manhattan, maybe, or a Vieux Carré. It’s a logical extension for a storied brand. $8.99,

Mizkan America, Inc., the exclusive North American distributor and sales agent for ANGOSTURA® bitters, is excited to announce the introduction of ANGOSTURA® cocoa bitters