Glass Half-Full
Whiskey and the outdoors: is there a better pairing? The folks at Huckberry seem to agree, recently launching a line of glassware called Whiskey Peaks, which incorporates the topography of famous mountains into the glass itself. These single-wall glasses are made from 100% lead-free hand blown glass, offering a lightness in the hand without sacrificing the durability of heavier glassware. Whiskey Peaks is available in a range (no pun intended) of topographies, from the landscapes of Zion National Park and the Grand Tetons to the peaks of the Pacific Northwest, plus a set of international mountains from Matterhorn to Everest. These premium rocks glasses come in sets of four and are roomy enough to hold cocktails as well as neat pours. You may never drink whiskey on top of Mount Everest, but this might just be the next best thing. $65,



As artisanal, region-specific cigars become ever more popular, we’re seeing a boom of single-origin releases celebrating the importance of place in the cigar-making business. Upper Realm, the boutique cigar company from Kyle Gellis, is a celebration of the cigar business in Nicaragua, highlighting the nation’s tobacco-growing regions. The beautiful wooden case, of which only 250 are being released, is stuffed to the brim with 200 cigars made of Aganorsa leaf tobacco. The release marks the first time Warped has spotlighted the Estelí region of Nicaragua. Upper Realm is a smaller smoke (5 inch by 48 ring gauge) made up of a Corojo ‘99 wrapper from Jalapa, a Corojo 2012 binder from Estelí, and a filler blend of tobaccos from Estelí, Condega, and Jalapa. This small release is perfect for cigar heads looking to explore the unique flavor profiles of Nicaraguan tobaccos. Consider it research. $2,500 per case,

Cellini Spread



Who says counting down the days until Christmas has to be just for kids? General Cigar Co. and CAO are rethinking the classic advent calendar for the adult crowd. The CAO “12 Days” Box features a dozen CAO offerings, one for each of the 12 days leading up to Christmas Day. Behind each door on the calendar is a toro-sized smoke, representing CAO’s lineup of bestsellers, everything from their Italia Gondola to the Session Garage and the wonderfully named Bones Blind Hughie. For fans of CAO, the box is like a greatest hits tour; for newcomers, the 12 featured cigars are an excellent primer to the brand’s offerings. The calendar features tasting notes and background on each cigar. The 12 Days Box launched in mid-October, well in advance of the holiday season. Whether this box is a gift for yourself or others, just make sure you wait until December 13 to start the countdown. This might be just the thing to get you to finally stop stealing your kids’ chocolate. $108,



Any cigar fan worth their salt owns an ashtray, cigar rest, and cutter. But combining these into one device is often difficult, resulting in a clunky, sci-fi looking contraption out of place in any cigar lounge. Enter the Cigar Cutter and Ashtray Set from Fox Knives, the Italian company known for its high-end cutlery. The set is ingeniously designed with a slot to store the stainless steel cutter in the wooden base of the set. The cutter, part of Fox’s Cigar Club line, features a wooden thumb knob and an intricate system of pivots to minimize force and ensure a clean cut. The ashtray itself is removable. Coming off either end of the ashtray are two cigar rests. The whole set is an elegant pairing of steel and dark wood, perfect for any home cigar lounge. Fox has been around since 1977, yet the company’s line of cigar cutters and home-use cutlery demonstrate a continued commitment to innovation. It’s a gift that any cigar fan will find use for right away. $116,

Lightning In A Bottle
Rye whiskey is perennially popular, a favorite of whiskey enthusiasts looking to spice up their palates. Iron Smoke, the Fairport, NY, distillery known for its bourbons, is launching its first ever rye in a limited run. Dubbed the Master Craft Farmers Rye Whiskey, this offering incorporates grain from local farmers in upstate New York. The mash bill comes in at 65% rye and the whiskey is aged for a minimum of two years. “You have to be patient with rye,” said Drew Westcott, master distiller. “There is quite a history with this whiskey and the connection to farmers in this region, so we wanted to do justice to it and pay homage to them.” Rye has long been bartenders’ go-to choice when mixing up Manhattans or Sazeracs, and its in-your-face flavor profile makes it an ideal choice for sipping neat or on the rocks. Iron Smoke’s first batches of Master Craft Farmers Rye are available in a limited run throughout upstate New York. Whiskey hunters, pack your bags: it’s only a short drive away. Price TBD,