How a pair of charismatic sisters is teaching patients from great kills and beyond how to smile anew

By Brendan Fitzgibbons • Photo By Marc Estrella

Familial service in the healthcare industry is a slowly dying art form; gone are the days of the amicable family doctor making late night house calls in exchange for food or IOUs.

But at Dynamic Dental in the Great Kills, not only do patients get the same loving care as a kindred family member… they get it twice.

Founded by sisters Dr. Christina Klein and Dr. Diane Klein in 2002, theirs is a multifaceted dentistry practice where a patient’s visit is treated like a trip to grandma’s house.

“When patients stop by to see us, it really is more like a visit with family,” said younger sister Diane.

Anyone who spends more than five minutes talking with the garrulous and keenly proficient pair will know why their nickname of “Dynamic Duo” sticks.

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Christina is five years older, loved her dentist growing up, and knew early on she wanted to one day have her own practice. Diane admired the work her sister was doing in dental school and eventually decided to switch from studying medicine.

The two have lifelong Staten Island connections; they grew up in New Springville and both received bachelor degrees from nearby Wagner College.

In addition to an emphasis on family style care, the Kleins, who are also both practicing artists, place a particular importance on aesthetics and beauty when treating their patients.

“Dentistry is really a great marriage between art and science,” Diane opined. “We are able to showcase creative skills with the smiles we create—the science comes from eliminating diseases and uncomfortable tooth situations.”

Using some of the most advanced technology in the field, Dynamic Dental administers a broad range of services, including general hygienic dentistry, veneers, tooth whitening, crowns, Invisalign, bridges, and a custom cosmetic smile overhaul the sisters call a “Smile Makeover.”

That last procedure allows the Dynamic Duo to once again tap an expertise in aesthetics.

“We can transform a patient according to what he or she might be looking for, a lot of times by using a photo or an image,” Christina explained. “We might improve the shape, color, and quality of a particular smile until a patient feels it’s their own. It’s an inspired process.”

When asked if the pair ever squabbles at work, the Kleins burst into hearty laughter, “People always ask us that, and honestly we never really do,” Diane said. “Whenever we have issues or things gets stressful, we just laugh about it—because we try to see the good in everything.”

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