Few cultures radiate richness and regality more than ancient India, and designer Veronica Tharmalingam’s accessories stitch that elegance and exuberance into every single seam. As the great-granddaughter of Rani Mangammal, a warrior queen of ancient India, Veronica grew up in Southern India surrounded by strong, free-spirited women before moving to France, the center of craftsmanship and savoir faire, at 12 years old. “Two cultures, one vision,” is how she described the marriage of her dual heritage into one high-end accessories brand. She blends Indian traditions of jewel tones and ornamentation with French refinement and sophistication to create stunning silk clutches with gold plated hardware and hand beaded artistry. Paired with her fairytale chandelier earrings and bedazzled finery, carrying one of her bags or donning her stunning earrings dares the wearer to dream of her divinity and embrace her inner queen.

Beyond their embellished beauty, Veronica’s accessories are storytellers, each paying homage to a singular female voice. From the Rani Handbag capsule inspired by ancient Indian warrior queens, to the pink stone and pearl “Indira” earrings evoking the spirit of India’s first female Prime Minister Indira Ghandi, to globular Kalpanas honoring the first Indian woman in space, each piece carries the personality and power of a legendary woman who’s walked before us. Behind the seams, the collection is equally thoughtful and intentional; each piece is made from locally sourced materials in an ethical atelier in the outskirts of Mumbai, where thousands of years of sartorial tradition are employed to craft every fabric, every thread, every pearl, and every seam. Each bag, earring, necklace, and ring is created as a unique and exclusive piece of art. With her walking pieces of handheld artwork, Veronica envisions empowering every woman to cultivate her uniqueness beyond her past and fiercely take control of her present.

Veronica Tharmalingam