Like most industries, the fashion world has been trying to “clean up its act” (from a climate perspective) for quite some time. While some brands merely ideate Earth Month initiatives or launch an organic capsule collection then call it a day, others, like Rabôt, are weaving sustainability into every fiber of its DNA.

In 2020, Jacqueline Rabôt channeled a year of social unrest into a beautiful, regenerative artistic expression in her eponymous womens wear collection. Imbuing the brand with the intention to “create a different kind of Fashion Company,” she has, in the four years since launching, stayed true to her word, from choosing sustainable materials to crafting her company policy. Even her collection’s seasonal themes are rooted in Mother Earth. Her commitment to lowering her carbon footprint is so strong, she repurposes every scrap of fabric, up cycling what others might think to discard into pillows that are then donated to women’s shelters in Los Angeles.

Blending Hollywood fantasy, playfulness, and elegance, each garment has a story to tell, as does its fabrication. The modern silhouettes nod to old-school retro glam, ranging from sumptuous painted silk sets and velvet corset tops to mesh flamenco pants and fringe-trimmed skirts. Made with love in Los Angeles, the collections use a variety of eco-conscious materials like recycled polyester, cupro, tencel, organic cotton, naturally dyed, and dead stock fabrics. Even the packaging is all made of recycled or biodegradable materials.

But part of “creating a different kind of fashion company” is inherently building a community beyond the clothing. The Rabôt Journal features an evolving “Female Portrait Series,” spotlighting female friendships and sisterhoods that inspire the brand’s ethos. Members also gather throughout the year to initiate impact, like collection preview events featuring local artists where garments are auctioned to raise money for non-profit organizations.

Rabôt’s pieces embody an era where fashion signaled freedom and revelry, a welcome escape in a dire state. And while we can’t heal the world overnight, it’s invitations like these that remind us that even the smallest decisions can plant the seeds for greater change.


Cellini Spread

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