The Amazonification of society has created a legion of consumers expecting everything at a rapid clip. Our feeds are flooded with IG brands popping up like whack-a-mole, creating a sense of urgency to buy now and receive tomorrow. The notion of thoughtful browsing and anticipated arrival are a bygone era, but Swiss luxury label Nana Gotti is trying to bring it back one dreamy vegan dress at a time.

Nagehan Dobler launched Nana Gotti in Zurich in 2018, blending her Turkish roots and Swiss surroundings. The brand is deeply steeped in heritage, knowledge, and craftsmanship. Its core aesthetic springs from the designer’s mission to “bring every socially responsible woman closer to nature and allow them to embrace it with elegance, creativity, and exclusivity.” With collection names like Floracracy, the Blooming Woman, and Life is But A Dream, Dobler’s penchant for an environmental femininity is clear. Her goal is to produce each piece with a zero-carbon footprint. Fabrics are all Oeko Tex and vegan certified, and separates are made in small batches from local Turkish suppliers. Aligned with her Tengrism religion, a TurkishMongolic belief system rooted in honoring nature, each Gotti purchase plants a tree, and each client becomes an official tree sponsor.

The latest collection, titled “A Matchmade in Heaven,” explores “romanticism in a digital era,” juxtaposing old-world elegance with cyber-chic trends. The collection offers a rose petal crop top and spilt-hem maxi skort, a lavender feather trim minidress, and emerald lurex bodycon dress, amongst others. It echoes the ‘90s trends, laser cuts, Pantones, and bedazzled trims dominating the internet, while infusing an ethereal elegance that ultimately refines the Gen-Z vibe. In Dobler’s words, “Elegance is someone that embraces all her dark sides and flaws. Someone who accepts all parts of herself and understands that it’s what makes her so unique.” Considering the internet can also summon our dark sides, Gotti is a refreshing reminder to embrace our unique stories and style in a digital sea of sameness.

Nana Gotti