With wellness-related goals ranking at the top of resolution lists yet again for 2022, we examine burgeoning areas of beauty that will feed your self improvement ambitions for the New Year and beyond

by Luda Conti Owner, Avanti Day Resort

Outside of a handful of basic grooming products like soaps and shaving creams, the $532 billion beauty industry was almost wholly targeted toward women for decades until now. The conversation around male skincare is changing, fueled in part by gents experimenting at home during pandemic-era lockdowns, but also by the shift in the definition of masculinity. We’re entering a heyday for male grooming, anchored by a boom in gender-specific products, from moisturizers and cleansers to eye treatments and beard oils. Since men’s skin tends to be 20% thicker than their female counterparts, the rise in tailored products is not only welcomed, but necessary. Professional spa treatments are no different; a gent’s facial is designed specifically for male skin to combat the effects of stress and daily shaving, like under-eye circles, acne, and dull skin.

If there’s one thing beauty routines taught us during the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, it’s that when it comes to skincare, less is often more. This sparked the birth of “skinimalism,” i.e. quality over quantity. Rather than reaching for one-size-fits-all complicated skincare routines, people are seeking products and treatments that are tailored to their specific skin types. Someone with oily, acne-prone skin requires a very different facial than someone with a mostly dry complexion. Facial treatments have also risen to the challenge, using different yet equally mighty agents depending on the need: beta and alpha-hydroxy acids are excellent acne fighters, enzymatic heat opens and softens pores, and 100% pure vitamin C does wonders for sun-damaged skin. In 2022, our collective challenge is to find the skincare routine that serves us best and ditch any extras.

While healthy eating habits, ample sleep, and a regular fitness routine will forever be staples of investing in your health and appearance, diet and exercise can only go so far, and that’s where science comes in. The recent advancements in minimally invasive devices have completely changed the game, particularly in tackling notorious “problem children” like cellulite and sagging skin. High-tech newcomers like the Venus Legacy, for example, uses heat to naturally boost collagen production, zapping both cellulite and wrinkles on the face and body with zero downtime. Vacuum Butt Therapy, on the other hand, calls upon a super simple massaging technique and suction cups to effectively lift the booty. The rise of painless and nonsurgical devices will continue to give women and men alike more options to invest in their appearance without needles or anesthesia.


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