In need of a head-to-toe reinvention? This eclectic stew of star products, ground breaking wellness news, and next-gen treatments is here to answer the call

by Archana Aithal Rose

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With its powerful ability to constrict or tighten blood vessels, while doing dual duty as an anti-inflammatory, caffeine has long been used as a mighty ingredient in eye creams. Give your eyes the wake-up call they need with three of the best in the business

Fresh Black Tea Firming Eye Serum

An illuminating eye complex that combines a richly brewed black tea concentrate with goji fruit extract and eye-defining peptides to smooth lines and brighten and fi rm the eye area for a youthful stare.


Nicole Spread

Skinceuticals A.G.E Eye Com-plex Wrinkle Eye Cream

A luxuriously rich formula that targets severe signs of aging with rockstar ingredients like blueberry extract, proxylane, flavanoids, and synergistic peptides, this best-seller is proven to reduce puffiness while instantly enhancing your eyes’ radiance


Sunday Riley AutoCorrect Eye Cream

With caffeine at its heart, this illuminating and de-puffing eye contour cream employs antioxidant-richlute in to brighten the eye area, watermelon rind extract to plump the skin, and acmella oleracea ex-tract to smooth out crow’s feet, targeting multiple problem areas at once.


Talking points

With his holistic and science-backed approach of “no surgery, no drugs” to help his patients overcome everything from adverse spinal injuries to muscle-related issues, Dr. Peter Ferraro has built a multidisciplinary practice and amassed a clientele of sports royalty and celebrities. Today, the revered doc has one more ace up his sleeve: he was recently certified as a spinal decompression specialist through the Disc Centers of America. Dr. Ferraro said, “The International Medical Advisory Board on Spinal Decompression is constituted by ten medical physicians and ten chiropractic physicians, including orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, and neuroradiologists who have each obtained a National Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression University-based certification and have demonstrated an exemplary level of excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal disc disorders. This advanced certification is provided in conjunction with DISC Centers of America, which sets the gold standard in the training and research of the latest and most effective options for the alleviation and treatment of spinal disc disorders, which often cause low back pain, neck pain, sciatica, numbness, tingling, pins and needles, and more.”


A recent medical survey found that six in ten women claim hair loss or thinning hair has played a significant role in negatively impacting their self-esteem. But hair loss isn’t gender specific. Board-certified plastic surgeon Anthony Lombardi, MD, said, “Universally, hair loss is a concern for men and women of all ages. In recent times, hormonal changes and imbalances, stress, and COVID all seem to have caused more hair loss than ever before. I have never had so many patients inquire about treatments for hair loss than in the last few years. And just when we needed it most, a hair growth stimulation treatment was successfully introduced. The system is called TED (Trans Epidermal Delivery). It works for hair loss and hair thinning. TED is an ultrasound treatment that pushes patented growth factors into the scalp, nourishing the hair follicle to stimulate thicker and fuller looking hair.” For patients worried about discomfort or a lengthy recovery process, Dr Lombardi informed, “This treatment is actually pleasant; it feels like a scalp massage with absolutely no pain. It is done over three monthly sessions with optional maintenance after, but you may love the results and want more. The Lombardi Plastic Surgery Center has already seen amazing results, starting with the first patient. This procedure is a great alternative to medication and hair loss surgery. I encourage anyone who is looking for healthier, shinier, and fuller hair to give this system a try.