Emblematic fragrances, fool-proof pathways to an ultra glamorous glow, and a powerful wellness treatment to help you face the world with confidence, here’s to a season of treats

by Archana Aithal Rose

Most of us would be lying if we said we don’t long for instant gratification when it comes to beauty and wellness fixes. There’s a reason brands package products with promises like “hope in a jar” and “miracle worker.” But what if there was an all-natural method for instantly feeling and looking better, coupled with long-term health benefits? Enter IV therapy, a revolutionary treatment that promises more powerful, longer lasting effects than beauty potions and oral supplements by hydrating the body while promoting cellular turnover to detoxify, repair, and regenerate. Dr. Anita Dormer, a pioneer in aesthetic medicine, explained, “In general and depending on the drip, results are seen within 4-6 hours. Drips such as NAD may take up to 24-48 hours to see results but can have sustained effects like increased energy levels for up to two weeks.” The correct number of sessions, said Erin Neitzel, RN, “Depends on the type of drip desired. Golden Ratio, our Glutathione with Vitamin C drip, can be administered as often as three times per week for a healthy skin glow. Our Blue zone NAD drip can be started as a series, with treatments over the course of 3-10 days. To extend the results of the treatment it can be maintained with one to two per month.” dranita.com

From invigorating to sensuous, nocturnal to deeply erotic, this year’s best summer scents go beyond ordinary olfactory concoctions they represent a mood, a vibe. With artful combinations featuring standout notes, these statement-making perfumes are sure to make a lasting impression.

Aerin Cedar Violet Eau De Parfum
A magnetic fragrance in a minimalist bottle featuring a gilded green and gold top combines Virginian cedarwood, violet leaves, amber, and sandalwood to take wearers on an aromatic journey through gold tinted forests. $135, esteelauder.com


Nicole Spread




Shiseido Ginza Eau De Parfum
An instant collector’s item, this fruity and floral fragrance blends notes of violet flower, jasmine, and wisteria with the crispness of Fuji apples, and is encased in a chic pink and black sculptural bottle. $81, shiseido.com





Dries Van Noten Neon Garden Eau De Parfum
Belgian designer DVN extends his couture aesthetic to an invigorating fragrance that marries crisp top notes of mint essence with iris accord and Ambroxan, all captured in an elegant bottle that mirrors its electric mood. $280, driesvannoten.com







Sweet, sweet summer is upon us. And while some of us will be fortunate enough to spend hours basking in the sun on some exotic beach in the South Pacific, the rest of us will be relying on plan B: fake it ‘till you make it. Yes, we are talking self-tanners, the miracle beauty hack that fools everyone around you into believing your goddess glow was derived from time in the sun, not one that came from a tube. The good news is streak-free applications infused with skin-boosting minerals (that also smell divine!) are no longer an anomaly when it comes to at home treatments. Browse our picks of the best glow getters in the biz that promise a new, sun kissed you (sans UV rays, too!).

Sensai Silky Bronze Self-Tanning for Body
This luxe formula is infused with glycerin, hydrating fruit, and marine extracts to deliver a silky smooth finish and butter-like feel. $77, modesens.com

By Terry Tea To Tan Face and Body Hyra-Bronze Shaker Spray
A chemical free formula enriched with black and red tea extracts, toning fruit essences, and youth correcting micro prisms, this long-lasting water-based tanner comes with a hint of shimmer for those high-glam babes. $88, bloomingdales.com





Sisley-Paris Self-Tanning Hydrating Facial Skincare
A collection of moisturizing active ingredients means this formula melts into your skin and amps up your natural tan for days on end. $158, saksfifthavenue.com