When Efrat LaMandre, FNP C, founded EG Healthcare in 2014, she based her business model on the principle that everyone should have access to quality and affordable healthcare.


“When I finished schooling, I initially worked in a clinic run by a mid level provider in New Jersey, and I admired how he was able to create a model that allowed patients who were minimally insured to have access to care,” noted LaMandre, a family nurse practitioner (FNP; the “C” in her credentials indicating certification by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners) whose ultimate goal, she decided, was to change how healthcare was delivered on Staten Island. “I fell in love with the idea of caring for an individual’s health goals with the same respect and care that I desired for my own family. So, when I formed my own center, I compiled a team of professionals who believe in spending quality time with patients, listening to their concerns, and ensuring optimal care in a friendly manner.”

Bringing back the concept of a true neighborhood provider, LaMandre, who operates the New Springville practice with her wife, Gina, worked tirelessly to fill what she felt was a void in both pediatric and adult medicine in the borough.

“I grew up here and raised my children here,” she said. “We want the opportunity to provide medical services to the community we love, and want to focus on creating a long term provider/patient relationship. We accept most insurance, and also provide affordable healthcare for those who do not have insurance because we know there are times in life when you may need a hand.”


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Recognized for its Patient Centered Medical Home service by the National Committee for Quality Assurance, an independent not for profit organization that assesses and reports on the quality of health related programs, EG Healthcare has become a trusted source for many, providing inclusive coverage for Staten Island’s diverse population.

“We also have strong ties to the LGBTQ community,” noted LaMandre, who serves on the board of the Staten Island Pride Center and makes a point of working to strengthen the relationship between the medical community and the borough’s LGBTQ population. “Every patient who walks through our doors gets treated equally; even our intake forms are socially inclusive, offering different options for gender. In addition, we are proactive about mental health; when we take vitals, we ask important questions about mood and behavior. So you might come in for ear pain, but we pick up on something bigger that is happening in your life.”

LaMandre is proud of how EG Healthcare has evolved over the past five years, growing to encompass family care and adding a nurse practitioner devoted to women’s health, as well as an allergy center and a care coordinator, whose role is to make certain that patients follow through on treatment. She also collaborates with a specialist in transgender healthcare needs.

“We’re treating a whole new generation,” she said. “And there’s a subset of the population who just needs different outreach. That’s why our office extends beyond what the typical medical appointment provides.”

LaMandre is also active in caring for the larger community. In addition to maintaining her practice, she serves on the board of the Nurse Practitioner Association of New York, coordinating educational programs for Nurse Practitioners of Staten Island. She also provides a forum where professionals can network and promote higher standards of health care delivery.
She also serves on the Staten Island University Hospital board of trustees, working to fulfill the organization’s mission of raising funds to support vital community programs and to build both a new Woman and Newborn Center and a Comprehensive Cancer Center.

“I have to give great praise to Staten Island University Hospital, because they have been so supportive since day one,” said LaMandre, who has affiliations with both SIUH and the Richmond University Medical Center. “Together, we’re working to ensure healthcare grows and continues to move in an inclusive direction, both in this borough and beyond.”


For LaMandre, growth begins with kindness.

“One compliment I consistently receive about my practice is that my staff is so accepting and tolerant,” she said. “They have helped create a practice with kindness as its core value. We want everyone who walks in to feel they’re a part of our extended family.”

LaMandre added that family has been the basis for all she’s done.

“My children and wife have been my rock on this amazing journey,” she said, citing the support of Gina, daughters Shanee and Arielle, and son, Eitan, as the source of her success. “They’ve watched me struggle and work to achieve, and have been my biggest cheerleaders. They have truly inspired me to build a family focused practice that cares for the needs of everyone in this community.”


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