A luxury barbershop and a lifestyle chain store open their doors, and a chiropractic physician introduces an all-natural supplement

by Jessica Jones Gorman

The Dappermen’s Den, a luxury barbershop and shave parlor, opened its doors in Bernardsville in October, offering full service manicures, hot towel shaves, facials, haircuts, waxing, and other services. The men’s “salon” is owned and operated by Briyon LiBrizzi, who has worked in the makeup and beauty industry for many years. Clients, she explained, are offered “white glove” treatment, including the use of a robe to avoid scattered hair clippings on clothing, the addition of a scalp massage with every service, and monthly memberships so that they can schedule standing appointments with the stylist of their choice. 24 Claremont Road, thedappermensden.com


A lifestyle brand known for its comical commercials and lumberjack style of clothing and accessories, Duluth Trading Company opened its latest store this past September in Ramsey its first New Jersey outpost. Founded by brothers Bob and Dave Fierek in 1989 as Pull’r Holding Company (their first headquarters on a barge in Duluth, Minnesota), the company is now a national retail presence.

“We are very excited to open a store in Ramsey,” Stephanie Pugliese, CEO of Duluth Trading said in a statement. “Located just northwest of New York City, this new store provides nearby access to one of our largest concentrations of customers. Our many fans throughout the region can now experience in person our innovative, solution based apparel for men and women.”

Now based in Belleville, Wisconsin, Duluth offered its first women’s catalog in 2005, and was strictly mail order for 20 years before opening a first brick and mortar in 2010. Among its most popular items is “Buck Naked” underwear, which receives abundant favorable reviews for making the wearer feel as if he or she is not wearing underwear at all. Long tail tee shirts, designed to solve the age old issue of “plumber’s crack,” are also a mainstay, as are “fi re hose” pants and “ballroom” khakis. 1300 NJ 17, duluthtradingco.com

Dr. Peter Ferraro, a chiropractic physician based in Saddle Brook, recently introduced FT Performance Labs products to his practice a brand offering the all-natural gluten and dairy free branched chain amino acid supplement, Fuel that aims to help build and retain muscle.
“My team of doctors of physical therapy, sports scientists, and exercise physiologists have found that recovery is crucial in order to perform at peak levels,” Ferraro noted. “Muscle recovery is the most important aspect of training and exercise.”

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Created by Chris Tuttle and members of Ferraro’s “Fast Twitch Team,” the amino acid powder, Ferraro said, is unique in several respects.

“We see most branched chain amino acids supplements on the market; most are loaded with fluff and artificial flavors. We created Fuel to contain only seven major ingredients all having a specific purpose in the human body.”


“If you’re trying to lose fat, it’s proven that people with higher branched chain amino acids levels have less body fat, more muscle, and better body composition,” added Ferraro. “For those long distance runners, they can be used as energy and increase motivation when fatigued. I also look at it for people like myself, over the age of 35, who can reap the benefits of the branched chain amino acid leucine to help build and retain muscles as we age. Really, anyone who does vigorous exercise or would benefit from less soreness and faster recovery would be a candidate for this supplement.”

Priced at $39.99, Fuel can be purchased on Amazon or directly on the FT Performance website, ftperformancelabs.com. Ferraro Spine and Rehabilitation, 230 Midland Avenue, drpferraro.com