My career path was a little different,” explained Dr. Mira Kaga, a practitioner of both internal medicine and aesthetics. “I always knew I wanted to go into aesthetics, but there was no dedicated program for it. I could’ve gone into plastic surgery, but I didn’t want to be a surgeon.” After the Temple University School of Medicine graduate received her medical degree, she decided to complete an internship in internal medicine, and was accepted at Georgetown University Hospital. “I truly love general medicine, and I love to have that continuity of care with patients,” added the magna cum laude graduate. After receiving her residency diploma and becoming board certified by the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, she spent several years working for other doctors in the field. Nearly two years ago, Kaga decided to branch off on her own and combine her two specialties under one roof, offering both internal medicine services and aesthetics (including laser and injectable treatments). Her mission was, and remains, redefining the capabilities of modern healthcare.

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“I was at the point where I was ready to evolve,” she said. “Many doctors I worked with were so resistant to change, and it stunted my growth. I broke off and opened my own practice, and I honestly haven’t looked back since.”

During the planning stages, Kaga tossed around potential names for the practice that would accurately encompass its unique array of services. She ultimately decided on the Kaga Institute of Medicine and Aesthetics, which is located in Freehold. It offers general medicine services, including complete physical exams, preventive medicine evaluations, diagnostic ultrasounds, and psychological counseling. It also offers a multitude of advanced aesthetic treatments. Many patients are crossovers; they might make an appointment to address a general ailment, but in many cases, Kaga is able to offer a nontraditional and noninvasive treatment that’s more effective than conventional medicine.

“I’m able to combine the worlds of aesthetics, technology, and modern science with my general medicine background to give a different experience,” she said. “For example, I’ll have patients come in with fungal nail infections, for which traditional medication really doesn’t work that well. It can also be very expensive, and is usually not covered by insurance. In my office, we’ll laser that one or two times, and it’s gone.”

The institute is brimming with modern technology. “I’m a laser fiend,” laughed the owner. Such equipment, Kaga explained, provides highly effective noninvasive solutions to hyper pigmentation, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, vascular irregularities, benign skin lesions, and other conditions. She also utilizes the technology for multicolor tattoo removal, feminine rejuvenation, and even body contouring and sculpting. The last is achieved using truSculpt 3D, a laser system that, by delivering therapeutic temperatures, is able to target and diminish fat and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Kaga was the first local physician to adopt it.

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“I like my technology. I pride myself on remaining on top of the best, the biggest, and the newest. I’m not afraid of change. Many offices will offer only what they have available. And while they might work, might not be as relevant or as strong. I can practice wholly and freely because I’m able to offer what’s best for my patients and not just what’s convenient.”
Another modern development in aesthetics that Kaga believes has changed the game is Secret RF, a radio frequency micro needling system that targets various skin conditions, such as wrinkles and acne scars, by stimulating collagen production and healing skin from within. This noninvasive approach significantly reduces post procedure recovery time and takes only about 20 minutes per treatment.

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“A lot of people are hesitant to undergo surgical options, and if technology can help them avoid surgery, then why not? Because I’m using a microneedle, bruises rarely happen anymore. And if a bruise should occur, I’ve got a laser for that,” added the doctor with a laugh.

Growing up one of four sisters, Kaga was encouraged to strive for greatness while also empowering those around her. “We were all raised the same way,” said the Pennsylvania native. “I want to be great, and there’s nothing wrong with you being great, too. There’s enough room for all of us to flourish.” She carried this spirit into her post grad studies and early career, and continues to teach and mentor aspiring medical professionals, especially women. At least once a month, the mother of two hits the lecture circuit, sharing expertise in laser technology, injectables, and other methodologies.

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On the near horizon, Kaga’s team will move into a new, multidisciplinary location in Marlboro. There will be a therapist, a nutritionist, and a certified dietician on staff, and a large procedure room, visible from outside, will allow new patients the opportunity to watch the doctor perform certain procedures.

“A cornerstone of the practice is that I’m not a factory,” she added. “I don’t see 40 to 50 people a day and rush them out of the office. I have the world’s greatest patients, and at the end of the day, I can’t simply leave work and take my coat off and be done. My patients can reach any time of day, any day of the week. They can call or text, they can email…message me on Instagram. And if a patient needs to talk to me on the phone at 11 p.m. about options, I’m there.”

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The Kaga Institute of Medicine and Aesthetics
4255 U.S. Route 9, Suite 5B, Freehold / 732.719.2001 / drmirakaga.com