Prior to 2016, Frank LoGiudice had no intention of entering the beauty trade. The proprietor of South Beach based digital marketing agency Charge Media Group, the lifelong Staten Islander was born with an entrepreneurial spirit and certainly not opposed to launching a new venture in his home borough, but the salon industry was simply not on his radar. When a colleague introduced him to a concept that had already begun disrupting the approximately $84 billion dollar beauty industry, however, he quickly became a believer.


“I was introduced to Amazing Lash Studio when that colleague brought me on as a vendor through my agency, and that’s when I fell in love with the brand and the whole concept. It’s something Staten Island needs. I saw an opportunity to bring a much more upscale experience to the market.”

Amazing Lash Studio was founded in Houston in 2010 by cosmetology graduate Jessica Le and her husband, Edward, after Le had a painful and expensive experience with eyelash extensions. The duo set out to provide specialized care at affordable prices, and by 2013 were ready to franchise the brand. The concept took off like wildfire, spreading to more than 200 locations in 33 states by 2019. After LoGiudice was introduced to the company, he understood why. Only two years later, he and his wife, Darcie, opened an Amazing Lash Studio in the Heartland Shopping Center.

“We’re able to provide an experience people can’t get anywhere else,” he said. “Our lash stylists are fantastic and highly experienced. We also do ongoing training, because it’s imperative that stylists and consultants keep to date on new techniques and tastes.”

The studio consists of 13 private suites where guests receive attention from one of 15 lash stylists. They have the choice of four different styles from natural looking to ultra-glam each of varying lengths and thicknesses. They also have the option to customize lashes based on individual preferences. The ability to truly customize, LoGiudice explained, is one of the pillars of the brand.

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“We don’t just provide that one look. We have our patented styles natural, gorgeous, cute, and sexy. Some are fuller or longer, others have a cat eye look. It comes down to customization; we want to create that unique look you want to achieve. If you want it more subtle, we can do that.”


Once extensions have been applied, stylists then educate on how to properly maintain them. There are products that can extend the lifespan of extensions, for example, but stylists also educate concerning activities and products that should be avoided. For aftercare products, the studio carries its own line of maintenance necessities, including foaming cleanser and protective lash coating designed to make each set last longer, thus stretching time between studio visits. Customers also have the option of purchasing a membership, which gives them discounts, priority booking, rewards, and other perks.

“If you’re going to invest in a full set of lashes, it’s imperative to also invest in aftercare products,” added the owner.

As far as how long a customer can expect them to last, that varies based on a few factors.
“It can depend on lifestyle. If you are an athlete like a runner or personal trainer, or just someone who works in high heat, longevity might be two or two and a half weeks, while others get three or four weeks. It really all comes down to maintenance; that’s why we advise on how to maintain them in a healthy way.”

Even while acknowledging the impact of natural looking lashes, the owner pointed out that the studio also aims to provide benefits that go beyond eyes that pop.

“We save people time,” LoGiudice said. “No mascara, no 20 minutes in the morning getting ready; you can just go drop off the kids, get coffee, go to the gym and sweat, or whatever the day holds.”


In addition to sets and aftercare products, the studio also offers a variety of other services. Lash lifts are a popular procedure designed to elevate and curl the natural lashes, and which last on average four to six weeks.

“I tell people we are the ‘Lash Masters’ a one stop shop for all your needs,” he added, “and are continuously expanding our portfolio of services.”

As the proprietor of a 15 year old marketing agency, LoGiudice isn’t a stranger to navigating the fluctuating waters of business ownership. As with any new enterprise, he explained, there were some early obstacles and growing pains to overcome, but the entrepreneur takes each roadblock as an opportunity to learn and improve.

“We are always absorbing different tactics and how to really nail it with clients,” he said. “We learn based on feedback, whether good or bad, which is critical to being an owner. We need to understand what we need to improve, and I value every single customer who comes through this door. As an owner, my focus is making sure each has an amazing experience. If you don’t have that attitude, you’ll never make it.”


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