It was a powerful moment,” re­flected Efrat LaMandre, FNP-C, of the day she received a call from the Staten Island University Hospital Foundation offering her the position of chair. For LaMandre, inclusivity has always been a cornerstone of her practice. Not long after launching EG Healthcare, a family care practice in New Springville dedicated to providing inclusive healthcare, ensuring access for all members of the borough’s diverse population, she joined the board of the SIUH Foundation, aligning with the organization’s community-focused mission. On September 12, she was officially inaugurated as chair of the board of trustees.

“By appointing me as chair, the hospital demonstrates its commitment to fostering diversity and equitable representation in leadership,” noted LaMandre, who is the borough’s first nurse practitioner to independently own a medical practice. “While there are many deserving individuals on the board, what resonated deeply with me was the foundation’s choice to select someone who represents both the nurse practitioner community and the LGBTQ community. They specifically chose an advocate from an underrepresented demographic and placed them in a leadership role. This decision re­flects their dedication to concrete action in support of diversity and inclusivity.”

Established in 2006, the SIUH Foundation stands as a robust non-pro t organization within the Northwell Health system, dedicated to raising funds and forging partnerships to advance the future of healthcare in Staten Island. Their mission is to elevate the standards of clinical care, introduce cutting edge services, and provide state-of-the-art equipment. The Foundation’s e‑ orts have played a pivotal role in bringing ambitious projects to fruition, such as the Florina Cancer Center and the recently inaugurated Gruppso Family Women & Newborn Center. In 2014, when LaMandre opened her family care practice, she obtained credentials at SIUH to maintain her connection with patients who required hospital referrals. It didn’t take long for her to realize that both facilities shared a common goal.


“The work the Foundation was doing really spoke to us,” she said, who operates EG Healthcare alongside her wife, Gina LaMandre. “We started donating and attending events, and over time we became more and more involved.”

In her new role as chair, LaMandre expressed her commitment to providing a platform for the diverse voices that make up the community she has called home since the age of five. “My objective in this position is to further the cause of diversity, equity, and inclusion, not only in leadership but also in the selection of vendors we collaborate with and the organizations we support,” said LaMandre, who raised her three children, daughters Shanee and Arielle, and son Eitan, alongside six cats, on the Island. “We represent our community and our nation. I take great pride in the Staten Island community for its openness to change and its acceptance of my role. This appointment carries more than symbolic value; I aim to utilize my position to actively propel this progress forward.”

Also serving as the past president of the Nurse Practitioner Association, LaMandre is thrilled to represent the nurse practitioner community, a group she believes is the future of primary care. She said, “The role of nurse practitioners is vital because they provide accessible and high-quality healthcare, often in underserved areas, helping to bridge the gap in healthcare disparities and ensuring that patients receive the care they need. Seeing NPs in positions of leadership is important for recognizing their contributions to healthcare.”

LaMandre founded EG Healthcare with the core principle that every individual, regardless of their race, age, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status, deserves access to inclusive, high-quality healthcare services. This commitment extends from pediatric/adult primary care, to LGBTQ inclusive healthcare, to house calls for senior citizens. Over the past decade, EG Healthcare has welcomed more than 20,000 individuals through its doors, embodying the belief that healthcare should be a universal right, accessible to all.

“There were not many practices that catered to the entire family’s needs,” she explained. “Often, parents will go without healthcare but they will make sure their kids receive medical attention. We created a place that takes care of the entire family, making it convenient for parents to prioritize their health as well.”

LaMandre expressed that the accomplishments of the last ten years would not have been achievable without the steadfast commitment of her team. This dynamic group comprises nurse practitioners, medical assistants, and office managers, all of whom she credits with ensuring that the practice remains aligned with its mission. In return, LaMandre emphasizes the importance of investing in EG’s employees, recognizing that none of the successes would be possible without their dedicated contributions. “My team plays a crucial role in serving the Staten Island community,” she emphasized. “I believe it’s important to use our practice as a means to give back to the team. We provide help with education, offer microloans, provide daily lunches to ease their financial burden, and other assistance. I recognize that our collective success wouldn’t be possible without their dedication.”

LaMandre also runs EG Prep, a Primary Care Boot Camp only for NPs that provides NP students with a chance to build clinical confidence prior to graduation. Numerous national universities have adopted the company’s curriculum.

As LaMandre preps for the SIUH Foundation’s first big event as chair of the board (the annual Charity Ball occurs on October 14), she takes time to express moments of pride for her home borough. “I’m truly proud of this community for embracing positive change,” she said. “We have numerous thriving community centers and remarkable grassroots organizations here. Everyone unites for galas, fundraisers, and events, all sharing the common goal of improving the borough. It’s something special and not a common sight: a place that combines modern, state-of-the-art accessibility with a strong sense of community and connection.”

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