Prepare to be amazed by the season’s most revolutionary ways to tend to your body’s appearance, anatomy, and wellness with a little help from local trailblazers

by Archana Aithal Rose

Over the past decade, stem cell therapy has become an emerging option for treating chronic joint pain. These special cells possess the ability to multiply and self renew, therefore healing any injured tissues. “When it comes to pain management, it’s a highly effective option for patients who don’t want to go the surgical route,” explained Bima Baje of Colts Neck Stem Cells, the gold standard in stem cell and exosome therapy in the tri state area. Under the supervision of general surgeon and regenerative medicine expert, Dr. Joanna De Leo, treatments use the same source of stem cells as the Federal Government in 157 Veterans Administration hospitals. “Our stem cell treatments require absolutely no down time, and patients can start to see improvements in four to six weeks,” Bima said.

You are not alone if you’re dealing with the fallback of a high stress life this year. There’s an increasing need to shake o the shackles of mental anxiety while still tending to the needs of your body. Renaissance, a plush, boutique style Pilates studio is determined to help clients benefit from their “carefully curated, holistic practices to accommodate exactly that, a post pandemic lifestyle,” informed Danielle Buccellato, one of co-owners. “Dedicated programs with emphasis on core strengthening and mobility routines such as Pilates, in combination with science backed treatments such as an entire body cryotherapy and infrared, are recommended for optimal results. Both services aid in eliminating inflammation and burn hundreds of unwanted calories, helping individuals perform at their optimal best.”

If months of hibernation has you craving that envy worthy, fresh from a vacation tan, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered (or, more accurately, coated). Beach Glow, with its array of faux tanning techniques and at home treatments, will have you glowing like a bronze goddess. Treatments range from an express tan that allows the convenience of a shower in one to four hours post treatment to a subtle, sun kissed look that owner Terry insists, “Can be achieved with just one coat of the tanning solution, rather than the three or four customary coats.” For clients who are skeptical about leaving the house for salon visits, Terry offers her “luxury self-tanner that’s equivalent to a real, flawless airbrush tan.”

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