In today’s world, launching a successful hair salon involves so much more than tools and technique. It takes a certain blend of sagacity and business savvy, knowledge of current trends, and personal charisma to create a sense of sanctuary for clients. For industry veterans Christele Beam and Janine Mattera, owners of Mane Maven in Rumson, that was the idea from the beginning. Mane Maven celebrates its one-year anniversary this June, but it’s only the latest chapter of a storied partnership. “I got Janine a job in a salon we worked in together, Hudson & Canal in Red Bank, which is no longer there,” said Beam. “I actually met her through one of our mutual friends, someone I grew up with. We truthfully just hit it off.”

In 2020, that friendship evolved into a business partnership when Beam and Mattera opened a salon in Holmdel. The studio had a small footprint one they always knew they would outgrow and in 2021, Beam’s mother, realtor Christele Terranova Beam, came across a property at 117 East River Road in Rumson. She knew instantly it would be her daughter’s next studio. “We walked into the building and just felt like it was our next home,” recalled Beam. “We knew it was a great spot, right in the heart of town, with great people around us and businesses that have been open for years now. And there was no salon right in Rumson, so we felt that was something huge for our industry. What we could bring to the table would really benefit ourselves and the people in the community.”

Since its inception, Mane Maven has been a one-stop shop, offering expert color, cuts, foils, extensions, and blow outs, plus men’s barbering and children’s cuts. It’s an approach that marries the quality and ambiance of a high-end salon with the accessibility of a neighborhood spot. As the business expands, Beam and Mattera plan to add waxing, lamination, eyebrows, and esthetician services into the mix. It’s all part of a vision that puts Mane Maven on the map as an all-inclusive destination for every beauty need.
As with any balanced partnership, the business is built on a division of responsibilities. Mattera handles the front of house duties like scheduling and staffing, while Beam spearheads financial and marketing efforts. In addition to hiring, training, and staying on top of the myriad hurdles that befall small business owners, they both find time for their long term clients. As both stylists know well, no one lasts long in this business without nurturing long lasting relationships.

“One of my clients from when I first went on the floor as a stylist, she actually lives in Bayonne,” Beam said. “She has followed me to every salon I’ve been with since I was 18 years old, starting at a very old salon that’s not even there anymore. She has watched me grow into what I’ve always talked about. That’s a loyal client.”


In the year since Mane Maven opened its doors, putting down roots has been a priority. The owners can often be spotted at networking events and parties in Rumson, always looking to collaborate with and support other local businesses. The reception in the community has been overwhelmingly positive, noted Beam, so much so that now, only one year in, Mane Maven is expanding, adding stations to its upstairs space and filling out its roster of client services. Beam and Mattera are also mentoring and training the next generation of stylists.

“The younger girls, they see styles and trends on TikTok that everybody wants,” said Beam. “Having the younger girls in here keeps us young. We’re able to keep up with everything. But it’s nice because they’re still learning all of the things that we do. So to have us all together, we can conquer everything in one.”

Even amid rapid growth, Mane Maven’s quintessential personal touch hasn’t been compromised. The owners know that what keeps clients coming back isn’t just the cuts or color work. It’s the conversation, the attention that pick me up feeling that comes from looking and ultimately feeling a person’s best. Whether for first time clients or long term friends, the goal is always to create a welcoming, warm atmosphere that feels like home.

“What makes us unique is that we’re like a family,” said Mattera. “We have a relationship with all of our clients. Our clients have fun when they come here. They enjoy hanging out with us, talking to us and everybody that works here. When we’re done, they don’t want to leave.”

Beam added, “Our clients get to feel like they’re sitting in a friend’s living room while also walking out feeling like a new person.”

Mane Maven
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