During her surgical residency at Columbia University St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital, Dr. Noreen Mostafavi became fascinated with robotic training, including advanced laparoscopy, in which a beroptic instrument is inserted to view organs or other parts of the body to facilitate or conduct surgical procedures.

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“It opened my eyes to all of the innovative minimally invasive treatment options there are for women,” noted Mostafavi, a gynecologist and aesthetic specialist with offices in Travis. “I was intrigued by the procedures that were developing within this specialty because I knew I could bring them to women suffering from a range of gynecological conditions. Large incisions and long recovery times are no longer the norm.”

Citing advanced laparoscopy as her specialty, Mostafavi said that she put the technique into play when she started in private practice in New Jersey several years ago.

“This minimally invasive approach allows surgeons to operate with increased precision and accuracy,” she said. “There is minimized trauma to surrounding tissue and patients have the benefit of being released the same or next day, even after a significant surgery like a hysterectomy,” adding that she uses the technique to evaluate and treat a wide range of benign gynecologic conditions, including heavy and irregular menstrual periods due to fibroids, endometriosis, and ovarian cysts. Located on Victory Boulevard, her office is appointed with glittering light sconces and tufted seating in the waiting area. In addition to a focus on innovative gynecological treatment options like hysteroscopic surgery, Mostafavi also specializes in aesthetics and cosmetic gynecology.

“I am one of very few physicians on Staten Island who owns the MonaLisa Touch laser, which is used for many vaginal rejuvenation procedures, mainly post-menopausal vaginal dryness.

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Mostafavi also trained in Aesthetic Gynecology and specializes in all cosmetic procedures, including G spot enhancement, labioplasty, and vaginal tightening. She is also certified by the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine to administer Botox, fillers, and fat grafting.

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“We handle very personal issues here, but patients feel comfortable with my staff, which handles their privacy accordingly,” she said. “This is an office where you can feel completely at ease, relaxed, and heard.”

Noreen Mostafavi, MD
3860 Victory Blvd. Staten Island, NY / 718.370.2222