Salvatore Carrozza / Co-Owner, Cake Chef’s Coffee and Collectibles

For Salvatore Carrozza, co-owner of Cake Chef ’s Coffee and Collectibles, the key tohis achievement isn’t di cult to explain. For this New York success story, developing people is the key to tackling the many stressors that come from operating a business. “I believe the most appreciable asset of any organization are the people that work for that organization,” he said. While other business owners might speak about “developing people” in generic terms, Carrozza’s insight is far more nuanced. In his businesses, his aim is not to hire people for specific jobs and then try to guide their talent along these narrow paths; rather, it’s about trying to find the talent within each new employee and then figuring out the best position for them to excel. “Developing people in the area of their giftedness is at the core of everything we do,” added Carrozza, who’s also a certified pilot. At Coffee and Collectibles, Carrozza’s team members channel their talents into creating baked items that are as pleasing to the palate as they are to the eye, along with helping to enhance the air of nostalgia that is created by the vast array of charming antiques found alongside the coffee and baked goods. Carrozza’s coffee house and bakery has a personality of its very own, and it’s the people who work there whom he credits most for this. “Aman is nothing without a great team behind him. I believe in putting together a great team and always giving them credit.”

Kayla George / Chief Marketing Officer at JAG-ONE Physical Therapy

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For over a decade, Kayla George has served as the public relations mastermind behind JAG-ONE Physical therapy, an award-winning outpatient physical therapy and occupational therapy practice with more than 100locations across the tri-state area. As JAG-ONE’s chief marketing officer, the New Jersey native oversees all of the company’s campaigns and marketing initiatives, a sizable undertaking as the company continues to grow and expand. “I’ve always had a very strong interest in marketing and PR, and all that goes behind the scenes of building and growing a brand,” noted the former college athlete. “Marketing gives me the flexibility to be creative and always do something new, and that, paired with JAG-ONE’s growth over the years, has really given me the outlet to grow and develop as a professional. Our continued growth has afforded me the opportunity to work outside my comfort zone and continue to drive home new projects and initiatives. My day-to-day is always changing, and for me, that is exactly where I want to be.”

Dr. Bart Liabaud

Pain Management Specialist, The Spine & Pain Institute Of New York /

Known by his patients for his thoughtful disposition and seemingly perpetual smile, this France-born physician followed his ardor for medicine to the Big Apple, completing his residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation at SUNY Downstate before continuing his training in interventional pain management at the Zucker School of Medicine Hofstra/Northwell and the Spine & Pain Institute of New York fellowship program. He then joined the Spine & Pain Institute under Dr. Ken Chapman earlier this year. His role, he explained, is to heal people every day. “I always wanted to be a doctor,” he said. “I love the procedure aspect and talking to patients so, for me, pain management was the ideal specialty.” Practicing out of both Manhattan and Long Island locations, Dr. Liabaud now knows New York like a local, though he hasn’t lost his European air.

Mendy Mirocznik, Esq.

President of The Council of Jewish Organizations of Staten Island (COJO) /

The Council of Jewish Organizations of Staten Island (COJO) has a simple motto: “Am Echad B’Lev Echad – One Nation with One Heart.” COJO President Mendy Mirocznik has sat at the helm for the past ten years, overseeing that simple mission to serve the people of the community – and serve them well. Upon moving to Staten Island from Brooklyn 25 years ago, Rabbi Mirocznik began volunteering with the organization. Fifteen years later, he moved into the role of president while his friend and mentor, Scott Maurer, became CEO and executive vice president. COJO has historically been one of the largest food pantries on Staten Island, and in Mirocznik’s time as president the organization has expanded its role as an umbrella organization for social services on the island. Mirocznik, a perennial member of the Staten Island Top100, noted he’s proud of being newly appointed by Mayor Adams to the first-ever Jewish advisory council. Under Mirocznik’s guidance, COJO coordinates hate crime seminars, volunteer events, food drives, and community events. It’s all in service of what Mirocznik, Maurer, and their team see as an attempt to bring people together. “Especially today, with all the divisiveness and the vitriol in society, COJO is one of the last bastions where people can sit down from different ideologies, different philosophies, different walks of life,” Mirocznik said. “We try to find a common playing field to help Staten Island be a better place for all its residents and for our community.”

Saurabh Abrol

Founder, Le Malt Hospitality Group /

It can be asserted without question that Saurabh Abrol presides over an ever-growing empire ofbars, restaurants, and spirits retailers in New York and New Jersey. Within his Le Malt Hospitalitygroup live some of the most exciting and successful locales for enjoying high-end food and spirits in the state, namely Le Malt Lounge, Le Malt Royale, Le Malt Imperiale, Wine Chateau, and Meximodo. Wine Chateau is the recipient of the rare 5-Star Rating by Social Spirits, and Le Malthas the kind of European elegance and sophistication that has attracted a constellation of stars, from Beyoncé and Jay-Z to Sofía Vergara and Joe Manganiello. But Saurahb’s is far from an overnight success story. He is singularly driven, and his striking achievements were born from over two decades of careful planning, focus, and tireless work. Born in Delhi, India, Abrol immigrated to the United States 33 years ago, just as the 1990s were dawning. After receiving his degree from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, he turned his attention to assisting his entrepreneurial parents. From their modest neighborhood business he created Wine Chateau, a retail wine business that has since expanded nationwide and boasts a strong online presence. In fact, he was awarded the 2017 Market Watch Leaders Alumni Award for Best Marketing. Abrol credits the Le Malt Hospitality Group Team and the unconditional support of his family for his success. In his rare moments of leisure, Saurahb professed to loving a glass of ne Napa Valley Cabernet, especially favoring a full-bodied red with a meaty dinner.