After months of staying indoors, we welcome the rebirth (or total renovation) of summer beauty rituals

by Luda Conti, owner of Avanti Day Resort

Earlier this spring, a shift in regular beauty routines began to ripple across the region. Prolonged periods of staying at home certainly gave birth to flashes of ingenuity; bathrooms became temporary studios and many learned the art of the DIY facial. For some, beauty therapy was pushed far down the list of priorities, and for others, it became a vital form of self-care. Regardless of where you stood on the spectrum, now that we welcome the reopening of salons and spas, beauty rituals can begin to resume. Maybe that looks different for you now and your routine has shifted. Maybe you wear less makeup and focus more on skincare. Perhaps you’ve embraced your natural hair color or, now more than ever, you desperately need to shake things up. Regardless of where you are or what you need, this summer is a magical time of renewal, rebirth, and unwavering self-love. I, and everyone at Avanti Day Resort, cannot wait to pamper you.

One of summer’s most satisfying cocktails doesn’t have anything to do with fruit juice or liquor. Lash lift, coupled with lash tint, is a spectacular combination, yielding vibrant, invigorated eyes from the second you awake in the morning. The lift is essentially a perm for natural lashes, uplifting and curling from the base of the lash and instantly making them appear fuller and longer. The cream-based tint is then applied from the root up through the tip, deepening and darkening the shade of your lashes like a coat of fresh mascara.

Dermatologists might advise mitigating exposure to the sun, but luckily for us, sun-kissed radiance doesn’t have to involve UV rays. Evolv Sunless is groundbreaking sunless tanning technology that utilizes natural, skin nourishing ingredients (think tea tree, grapeseed, and green tea oils) to make you look like you just returned from a long weekend on the sun-drenched coast of Monte Carlo. The technology packs an ocean of benefits; it produces an all-over, completely natural looking glow, can be customized with different fragrances, and as the world’s first heat-infused airbrush tanning system, guarantees you’ll never be shivering from cold tanning mist ever again. We offer single sessions and packages, so you can keep that glow year-round.

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