The hottest makeup trend for a while now has been the no-makeup makeup look. But, in more recent times the no-makeup look has been taken to the next level with an overwhelming yet tasteful amount of “glow”. Brands like Glossier and Milk are creating products to make sure that this look is achieved in the best way possible.

PDP-alt-image-800x1100-Blur Foundation-3-LIGHT

The look starts out with a dewy foundation or tinted moisturizer then topped with a translucent powder to keep the natural look. Mascara is then applied to accentuate and widen the eyes. If you want, you can add a shimmer shadow or gloss to the eyelids to really glow. Lip gloss is also a must in these looks. Whether the gloss is colored or not your lips have to be saturated. But, the most important part of this look is the highlight. It is applied on the cheekbones, nose, cupid’s bow and inner eye. This step really completes the look and gives you the confidence to “glow” and take over the world!



Nicole Spread