At her Victory Boulevard practice, Noreen Kamal-Mostafavi, MD known as Dr. Noreen by her patients seeks to bridge every aspect of women’s health and beauty needs, offering routine gynecological care, surgical and nonsurgical aesthetics, cosmetic gynecology, and minimally invasive surgery, all in the same ultra-glamorous, Manhattan inspired setting.

What might appear as an unusual combination at first was really a smooth addition to the doctor’s practice, offering an organic 360-degree approach to women’s well-being and appearance. “I treat people as a whole,” said Dr. Noreen. “I listen to the heart, lungs, look at their skin, and diagnose conditions that often go unnoticed. The skin is the largest organ in the body, and I observe everything, especially the effects of aging and gravity. I love beauty, symmetry, and giving women that confident boost. My goal is to turn back the clock and accentuate people’s innate beauty.”

A self-described minimalist, Dr. Noreen said her philosophy is to do the least and to achieve maximum results for her patients. In addition to Botox, hyaluronic acid fillers, Labia plasty, and Tumescent liposuction, one of Dr. Noreen’s mainstays for facial and body aesthetics is the Optimas, a full-service and multi-functional beauty suite that treats everything from fine lines and wrinkles to sagging skin and stretch marks to age spots and increased pigmentation.

The noninvasive system is equipped for several uses, including the Morpheus8, which incorporates micro needling with radio frequency waves. This groundbreaking technology uses 24 gold plated needles that pierce the skin with RF waves in order to stimulate collagen, lending a more youthful, tightened skin appearance. The Lumecca harnesses the thermal energy of Intense Pulsed Light to even skin tone and treat superficial vessels, pigmentation, and rosacea. The Diolaze is one of the longest standing technologies for hair removal for all ranges of skin tones. Finally, the Forma uses noninvasive radio frequency technology that builds collagen with zero down time, which is perfect right before a special event.


Depending on the patient’s areas of concern, Dr. Noreen does a 45-minute consultation, where she goes over all the details and provides the patient with unique combined treatment options. “I love what I do,” she added. “I get to help patients from the inside out. It is amazing to me with all the social media and advertisements out there how much patients don’t know about these innovative technologies. I want to get out there and spread the word.” The doctor even has plans to host a Q&A event this fall.

The doctor recalled one client in particular. A “beautiful woman in her 60s, who looked like she was in her 40s” (she previously had Botox and fillers performed by Dr. Noreen). Over time, she developed jowls and a double chin. In the same session, Dr. Noreen performed liposuction and employed the mighty powers of the Morpheus to tighten the skin over the area where the fat was removed. This completed the patient’s appearance as her face and neck/jawline now complemented each other, and as the patient said, “No one guesses my age correctly, and I love it.”

Dr. Noreen finished her residency at Columbia University St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital in 2013. She then entered private practice and after repairing many vaginal tears and c-section scars, she knew she had an eye for “symmetry and beauty.” She immediately took steps to become board certified in aesthetic medicine, and the rest is history. Dr. Noreen has done many fellowships in aesthetic medicine and continues to attend national and international conferences near and far to stay abreast and at the forefront of advancements and cutting-edge technologies.

“I’m always excited to try out new things, but I won’t do anything on a client that I haven’t already done on myself,” she added. “I even tried the Mona Lisa touch laser. The technology uses fractionated C02, which stimulates collagen in the vagina and vulva. This is a game changer and restores the joy of intimacy.” Dr. Noreen also adds PRP to the vagina to enhance and stimulate the area, bringing back pleasure and helping patients reach their desired orgasm.

Perhaps the best addition to any treatment, Dr. Noreen pointed out, is platelet rich plasma. “It’s a method where your blood is drawn and growth factors are extracted from the plasma and re-injected into the area in need of rejuvenation,” explained the doctor. “I add this treatment to nearly every technology I offer; it’s like adding icing to the cake.”

Noreen Kamal-Mostafavi, MD
3860 Victory Boulevard / 718.370.2222 /, @dr.noreenmostafavi