Offshore fishing’s apotheosis: the Hatteras GT63

by evan Monroe

Offshore fishing in New Jersey last season offered a surprising diversity, from basics like cod, jumbo porgies, pollock, ling, and sea bass to bigger sport fishing quarry like shark and yellow fin tuna—the latter in gratifying abundance from Sandy Hook all the way to Cape May.

Of course, in order to reach trolling spots like those near the spectacular underwater canyons off that Cape, it pays to have a vessel that doesn’t generate pangs of anxiety when a thunderstorm is approaching and one is 40 miles offshore. Since 1960, Hatteras Yachts has been one of the finest expressions of the boat making craft, in part because of such restless innovation as pioneering fiberglass hull design in 1962. Since then, its reputation for producing vessels capable of luxurious accommodation, rough water stability, and enviable speed is simply unmatched.


Safely within the maker’s dreamier realms is the Hatteras GT63 Covertible. Its design embraces what’s termed the “Carolina flair,” which includes, among other things, an extended tumblehome in the aft section and a pronounced convex section in the topsides (known as “flam”). This is complemented by an aggressive bow flare, a sleek deckhouse, and a long, low foredeck—to produce one of the sexiest designs we’ve seen in the last 10 years. Its sleekness of bow, combined with twin Caterpillar C32As, produce a 45 knot top speed.


There’s four-stateroom and three-head accommodation, highlighted by a simply enormous dinette that easily seats six, and an oversize galley that takes up the entirety of the forward half of the salon. Belowdecks, there are three layout choices, our favorite the three state room option, with additional office space.

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