Twin sisters Brigitte and Jaimee Navarrete broke out of their bottle service jobs and into the spinning spotlight

by Tia kim

Identical twin hip-hop DJs and producers Brigitte and Jaimee Navarrete were born and raised in Los Angeles. The duo began learning the music industry in early 2010 while interning for a pop music producer, and after learning to mix/DJ, dubbed themselves “Deux” in 2012. Next came booking their own studio time and learning tirelessly from peers, while also working as bottle service waitresses in several Hollywood clubs. Harnessing a love for both hospitality and hip-hop, in early 2015, they decided to turn a hobby into a career, and in 2016, Brigitte and Jaimee signed to SKAM Artists.


The duo reported slyly that there is “DJ mustard trapped in our 5’2″ bodies,” and described their sets as “all hip-hop and trap music,” the latter a sub-genre that originated during the 1990s from Southern rap and incorporating heavy kick drums.

…will be spinning at Sapphire New York on April 23. 333 E 60th Street, Manhattan
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