From million-dollar smiles to holistic therapies, hangover heroes to happy feet, meet the innovators behind the future of body aesthetics

by Archana Aithal Rose

feet fairies

As your feet come out of hibernation to slink into summer sandals, prepare for open-toe season with an army of skin salves and hitech modalities for primo below-the-ankle pampering.

Sensica Sensismooth Cleanse Exfoliate Pedicure Device

With this genius 3-in-1 cord-less device that efficiently cleanses and exfoliates without the fear of abrasion, your days will begin with soft, callus-free feet.


Cellini Spread

Beauty Pie the Pro DIY Pedicure Kit

Say hello to your new pedicurist on call. This complete at-home kit includes glycolic acid foot peel socks, flexi toe separators to manifest a smudge-free pedicure, precision-engineered nail clippers, and Footopia’s super softening foot cream.


Susanne Kaufman Warming Foot Cream

Packed with the goodness of natural broccoli seed, thyme, and camphor wood oils, this ultra-luxurious texture replenishes dry, flaky skin, leaving your feet sublimely soft and thoroughly conditioned.


Sutera Smoothing Foot Peel

Powered by niacinamide along with lactic, glycolic, and hyaluronic acids (ingredients heralded for breaking down dead skin cells), Sutera’s foot masks slip on like socks and accelerate peeling while delivering a lavender-infused foot spa session at home.


Maximum velocity

For more than five years, Dr. John Connor, one of three owners of the Velocity Wellness Institute in Freehold, has been ideating a vision: to launch an anti-aging program at the team’s Fort Athletic Club location. He said, “Led by a bespoke medical team, a group of highly trained professionals, we are beyond excited to be offering this amazing resource to our patients and the Monmouth County community.” Here, treatments combine a range of new technologies with a tailored and consultative approach to healing. Dr. Connor added, “Our comprehensive program will include testosterone therapy, which is known to increase bone density, muscle mass, insulin sensitivity, and energy levels, plus peptide therapy to stimulate cellular regrowth systems, IV infusion therapy for an instant immunity boost, and alternative weight loss treatments, as well as other elective procedures that include hair growth treatments, aesthetic body contouring, and toning.”


On a recent episode of The Kardashians, TV’s longest running reality show, Kim Kardashian shared her laundry list of qualities that she looks for in her ideal man. One of those qualities was “good teeth.” Kim confessed, “Good dental work is actually a huge turn on. I prefer someone’s teeth to be as straight as possible.” Dr. Anthony Vocaturo, who practices cosmetic and restorative dentistry at his once NJ Smile Center in Colts Neck, can attest. He said, “Unlike30 years ago when I just started my practice, patients today come in already having done their research. They know what they want and are armed with information. Today, it’s all about customization, which is why nearly our entire work flow has gone digital. From design to facial scans, we use computer-aided elements to communicate what we need from our labs.” The office’s newest addition, a CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) machine, is at the forefront of cutting-edge dentistry. Dr. Vocaturo explained, “The CBCT rotates around the patient, capturing data using a cone-shaped X-Ray beam that is used to reconstruct 3-Dimaging of a patient’s anatomy. From dental implant planning to visualization of abnormal teeth, this is an on-invasive solution to a host of simple and complex problems. This is just one of the many transformative technologies that we o er at NJ Smile Center to deliver personalized dental care.”