Throughout the holiday season and into the New Year and beyond, the most glorious gift you can continue to give yourself is self-care, and it manifests in the most joyous of ways

by Luda Conti Owner, Avanti Day Resort

From heated yoga to high intensity circuit training, and mineral hot springs to steam rooms, sweat-inducing activities and therapies offer a platter of curative benefits. For centuries different civilizations have used heat as medicine; the ancient Mayans, for example, used sweat houses 3,000 years ago to cleanse the body, and Nordic cultures have implemented saunas into their daily lives for over a millennium (in fact, in Finland, there is one sauna for every two people in the country). A dry heat sauna packs plenty of perks; typically heated between 150-195 degrees, a sauna raises the heart rate and increases circulation, similar to low-to-moderate exercise. A 20-minute dry soak has also been shown to reduce muscle soreness, improve joint movement, promote relaxation (and therefore minimize stress – something we could all use lately!), and so much more.

As we near the end of 2021, eager to put another pandemic-riddled year to rest and invigorated by the prospects of a new beginning, we would be doing ourselves a disservice not to recognize and revel in the lessons, the triumphs, and even the tribulations that left us more resolute. Through the lockdowns of 2020 we witnessed a wondrous revival of self-care, and this dedication to health, wellness, beauty, and confidence only gained momentum in 2021. From meditation to massage, hair care to Hydra Facials, women and men alike recognized the sagacity of the age-old adage, “When you look good, you feel good.” Collectively, let’s join forces to keep this energy red hot as we welcome the joys (and stresses) of the holiday season and sparkle from the inside out no sequins or glitter needed.

Think of it as the ultimate breather, not only forwarding total relaxation of the mind, but suspending your body from the burden of gravity. Flotation offers total weightlessness, relieving pain and pressure in your muscles and joints and allowing the body to slip into natural alignment. There are several ways to achieve this sensation, including dry flotation beds that suspend the body in warm water without getting wet. When paired with a body wrap, this creates a womb-like feeling and fosters deeper absorption of skin products like body butters, clays, and oils. As the body reposes and the oils work their medicinal magic, underwater hydra-jets add a soothing lymphatic drainage massage to remove toxins and serenade the muscles.


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