This year, a host of hyper-advanced beauty technologies along with time-tested holistic therapies are standing by to help you achieve your wellness goals

by Luda Conti Owner, Avanti Day Resort


Floating works wonders for the mind and body, providing sweet relief for both the musculoskeletal and nervous systems and helping the body slip into natural alignment. While flotation tanks, typically filled with approximately 1,000 lbs of Epsom salts to prevent the body from sinking, provide stellar zero gravity experiences, a dry flotation spa treatment adds the healing powers of chromo therapy and massage, all rolled into one super-procedure. As you lie back on a flotation bed filled with warm water (though you remain completely dry!) and slip into a womb-like state, underwater hydro-jets nourish your muscles with a soothing lymphatic drainage massage. All the while, what appears to be a visually pleasing light show is chromo therapy working its magic, believed to reduce swelling and inflammation and accelerate healing.

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Each new year brings the gift of a blank state, an opportunity to reflect on the highs and lows of the prior 12 months and set intentions for the next trip around the sun. Even if you don’t believe in setting resolutions, taking the time to think about your goals personal or professional can set you up for knocking them out of the park. According to a survey by Forbes Health/OnePoll, the top resolution for 2024 was improving mental health, and one of the most celebrated ways to invest in your day-to-day happiness is by building a mindfulness practice. Studies show that focusing on the present be it through meditation, guided breath work, Yin yoga, or simply stopping to come out of your head and take in your surroundings can offer a feast of positive effects, from curbing stress and anxiety to improving sleep. To kick things up a notch, consider pairing a guided meditation class with halo therapy (i.e. a salt room) to help release any emotional or mental blockages.

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Medical breakthroughs in non-surgical weight loss like Mounjaro and Ozempic have helped thousands of patients shed and keep off weight, many who have struggled with unsuccessful attempts for years. But one of the vexing side effects of significant weight loss? Loose skin (fat cells shrink at a much quicker rate than skin cells). While undergoing cosmetic surgery to remove excess skin is effective, recent advancements in non-invasive tools offer skin tightening benefits without the knife. Emsculpt NEO, the high-tech follow-up to the body-sculpting titan Emsculpt, offers even more fat burning and muscle building capabilities than its predecessor, along with a new benefit: tightening loose skin. In a quick 30 minutes, Emsculpt pairs high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology with radiofrequency energy to trigger thousands of involuntary muscle contractions. While patients feel pressure, the treatment isn’t painful and offers a far less invasive alternative to plastic surgery, so get ready to show a little skin.

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