Buying or selling a home is a case of extremes. Anyone who’s ever dipped their toes into the real estate market, from single-family homes to commercial investments, is familiar with the complexity of the process, one that’s often fraught with emotions. Danielle Lozito, ESQ of Lozito Law has made a career of guiding her clients through this process with a tailored, collaborative approach to real estate law.

When Lozito first opened her practice in 2013, after cutting her teeth in insurance litigation, she was a self-described jack-of-all-trades. But after serving a handful of real estate clients early in her firm’s tenure, she decided to specialize.

“I did a few closings and I liked the content,” Lozito said. “That’s how I fell into it. It started a ball rolling, and now I handle a lot of closings each year. My family owns real estate. My dad was a real estate investor and a home builder, so it just felt like the natural thing to get into for me.”

Today, Lozito Law’s caseload is approximately 98% real estate, with a client base that extends from Middlesex County to California. Specialization has been a key ingredient in her firm’s success: Lozito contends that volume is the only way to gain experience in her industry, and ten years of real estate cases have brought just about every type of challenge across her desk. Just as no two homes are exactly the same, neither are any pair of transactions. Balancing novel challenges, instincts, and years of experience, Lozito has been able to steadily grow her practice over the past decade. Today, she continues to add to her tool belt.


“I love dealing with the day-to-day needs of the clients,” Lozito said. “Each real estate transaction is completely unique in terms of facts, circumstances, characters, and personalities. There’s never a boring day. Everything changes from one deal to the next, and there’s no end to the challenges that pop up.”

Lozito is typically brought onboard after a contract has been signed by the seller and buyer, which, as any homeowner knows, is only the beginning of the process. She’s found this stage to be typically the most intense and emotional, as it’s when the buyer and seller negotiate and fine-tune key terms of the transaction. To add to the stress, attorney review is a rapid process in New Jersey. For Lozito, every case is a high-wire dance between meeting her client’s needs, navigating the emotional delicacy of the situation, and keeping the process moving in a timely fashion.

“Part of our role is to put things into perspective for clients,” Lozito said. “Buyers may feel like they’re working with a difficult seller. Sellers may feel like the buyer is delaying the process. A home is a tremendous investment, and it’s very personal to people. Emotions run high, and that can backfire. So you can’t be too shy to speak up, reel the client in, and keep things in perspective for everyone to make sure the transaction runs smoothly.”

Because buying a home is often a sizeable investment, Lozito has very few repeat clients outside of real estate investors. That creates an interesting challenge for a small firm: how do you grow your client base when you aren’t regularly serving the same people? Lozito’s solution is to draw on word of mouth, to make sure every client is satisfied so that when they are called upon for a referral, she’s the one they recommend.

One of the most significant secrets to Lozito’s success is her ability to tailor her process to her client’s needs. Because no two transactions are the same, a new case always requires devoting ample brainpower to delineating a client’s goals and expectations and learning the specific ins-and-outs of the case. That can be through an in-person meeting at the Lozito Law Office in North Brunswick, but she can also glean a lot of information through a simple phone call. The attorney’s goal is to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible, whatever that looks like for the client. When needed, Lozito can also draw on the local legal community and the relationships she’s amassed over more than a decade in practice.

“My practice is statewide, and through the years I’ve developed long-lasting relationships with a lot of the real estate attorneys in New Jersey,” she said. “It can give you a lot of leverage when you can pick up the phone and call other law experts you know.”

Buying or selling a home is often described as an emotional rollercoaster. Lozito has built a career on mitigating turbulence for her clients and smoothing out the ride so that they can experience the exhilarating highs while limiting the lows.


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